Season 10, Early Season Tips, Sett & More!


Early Season Tips


With season 10 starting and everyone rushing to start their ranked grind, a lot of you are seeking advice on how and when to start placements and how to progress while everyone is spamming games.


For those who want to hit all-time highs, you need to be in queue right now, playing as many games as possible to truly enjoy those crazy early-season LP gains.


But not everyone just wants to gain LP and rank up… Some want to improve and have a real challenge! For those players, I would recommend playing about three to five weeks after the season starts to allow rankings to settle and therefore an easier climb.


New Champion: Sett the Boss


But before you queue up and go trying to hit your all-time highs, let’s talk about one of the easiest ways to gain LP in the current season start, with the new champion: Sett.


We were greeted with a new face this season, Sett the Boss.


Sett is a top lane bruiser, the first one in a while for league, with the last one being Camille. Sett is a very new style of champion to league due to his resource bar, named “grit” and a flashy set of skills to make anyone want to become the next Sett main.


But onto the questions, everyone wants to know…. Is Sett OP? Is he the champion I want to main this season? Well, personally as a Masters+ player for the past 4 years, Sett is one of the most overloaded champions I have seen in a while.


Riot has honestly outdone themselves with Sett, he is a champion and the only one of his kind with the more you fight, the stronger he gets. Because of this, he can easily be classed as one of the hardest, if not the hardest champion to 1v1 duel, purely due to that aspect of of his kit.


His kit is loaded with true damage, movement buffs, auto-attack resets, stuns and most importantly a very stylish looking ultimate for someone of his status.


On that note, Yes! I would highly recommend playing Sett, he will be one of the best champions for the season start along with being one of the most reliable champions to carry you through Solo Queue.


Playing against Sett


Of course, there are those who don’t want to play Sett, but instead want to know what to do when he is picked. Sett struggles with any champ that holds a higher movement speed than himself, so you can dodge his skillshots easily, therefore a champion with very high damage output and movement speed such as, Master Yi or Singed would be good to play if you run into him in Solo Queue.




In conclusion, we will be finding that this season holds just as many surprises as the last and the weeks to come will be some of the most intense weeks of the entire season.


So study up, focus up and queue up. Good luck out there summoner!


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