Because Jungle is a more unique role in terms of piloting, it goes without saying that when it comes to climbing, there are going to be strategies that are more effective for junglers than other lanes. Here, we'll be getting into some different perspectives and tips on how you can more effectively play in the jungle.


Building your champion pool as a jungler is critical when it comes to escaping low ELO. More so than other roles, unfortunately, junglers need to play champions that are more attuned to the meta than to just their personal preference. Regardless of what particular niches may be filled in, you still might want to follow the general guideline of having are least one or two AD and AP champions, and it would even be better to include a tank. After this, you can feel free to insert or include pocket picks and other favorite champions you like playing. Being a one or two trick in league isn't unfamiliar or necessarily bad for climbing, but to be more efficient, having some diversity in your champ pool will come to your advantage if the meta sways out of favor for the champions you prefer. By expanding your champion pool, you'll become a more versatile jungler.


If you're considering climbing seriously in this new season, you, as a player in general, need to learn how to take initiative and get things done yourself by manipulating your teammates into following up on your calls. This is especially true given the fact that as of right now, neutral objectives are imperative in winning the game. As the jungler, you have arguably the most control over these things, and pinging is your primary method of communicating that you'll need to be able to secure objectives. The purposes of pings are already self-explanatory; however, one thing that should be of particular interest for junglers is the "warded here" ping. It is the single cream of the crop tool to help your team be able to coordinate effective ganks, safely take objectives, and overall exert map pressure. You as a jungler cover most of the map, so make sure to bind and utilize this ping whenever you see an enemy get vision.


Jungle Pathing is an extremely tricky and nuanced topic for new and old junglers to understand, especially taking into account the fact that frequent changes are made to experience from camps and timers for when they respawn. More often than not, most junglers knowingly find themselves clearing in extremely inefficient paths that can result in some pretty negative consequences. At first, it may not seem too crazy that it takes you a few more seconds to clear your jungle, but when the game compounds on itself, those 3 seconds can multiply and soon the enemy jungler has plenty of time to counter jungle, gank, or secure neutral objectives. Each jungle champion has an effective play style that's unique to that champion, but to give you some perspectives to think about, we'll introduce the two largest factors that impact jungle pathing: AOE clear and single target clear. If a champion you're playing can take camps using abilities that damage multiple units at once, you're going to want to opt into starting Hunter's Talisman and effectively clearing camps with more units (Raptors and Wolves). If the jungler you're playing is single target focused, start with Hunter's Machete and focus more on single unit camps like Gromp and Scuttle Crab.


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