Risk VS Reward

Lesson 1: Blue Side Momentum By Didier

Lets start with Blue Side level 1, as the jungler you should be looking to invade their Gromp at 1:50. You want to place you and your team(top excluded) at the bush near bottom river. The idea behind this is most junglers start Gromp on blue side. What a textbook jungler should do is smite Gromp early for the benefit of the thornmail like-effect you receive from smiting it. This allows for the jungler’s to deal more damage per second and therefore clear faster. We are going to use this textbook red-side start to give you and your team an advantage! What will happen at 1:50 is you will use the “on my way” ping at Gromp and start walking to it. Remember your smite does 390 damage. A good way secure a buff or the said Gromp would be to combined an ability with your smite increase the damage at that precise moment. This is how you win smite battles for dragon and baron! You should be at the wall across from Gromp at 1:55. That is 5 seconds of walking time by the time you get there you will want to drop a ward over the wall and get ready to smite steal Gromp! This gives you an instant level advantage and camp advantage over the enemy jungler. You are essentially catching him with his pants down! If this start happens the jungler will call for his team mates to come and push you off his blue buff.

High Risk/High Reward Route:
Now the enemy jungle is playing from behind, their jungler is behind an entire camp. You now have a few wonderful choices. You can go straight to his red buff and ward it and linger around there to kill him. This option is extremely risky because he can just go and take his blue then wolves then raptors and you are just lvl 2 sitting there waiting for him. If he happens to ward it you end up wasting lots of time that could be used for farming or ganking. A great way to avoid being spotted is ward the bush next to red but be sure to ward it on the edge of the bush near red. This way you can see them doing red, they will take lots of damage,get low, you can smite steal and then pick up a yummy first blood. Which will put him farther behind and give you more momentum! If this does work you end up demoralizing the enemy jungler more, which is an extremely powerful tool. If you are getting invaded over and over. Plus it seems so relentless and theres no end insight that really gets to a player!

Safe Route After Gromp or Blue Steal: 
The other route which is much safer, would be to go straight to your red buff after smite stealing his Gromp or if no one is around and you stole their blue buff. You are going to want to clear the enemy blue buff that way you and your mid laner and/or bot lane can make a play on the next spawning blue buff. You can simply hit tab to see when it respawns next. Red and Blue buff’s have a 5 minute respawn timer so keep that in mind! This route guarantees a safe start where you can get 3 and a half easily with very little risk to your early game. 

Ranger’s Trailblazer is Supreme:
You want to keep in mind your jungle item costs 450 gold. I would recommend Ranger’s Trailblazer on any jungler because of the increased speed of your jungle clear. This item has an area of effect on it. That gives you sustain(heals you) and does area of effect damage to minions as well as neutral minions(jungle creeps).You should have cleared 4 camps by 3 minutes 20 seconds! This clear will give you 560 gold allowing you to buy:Ranger’s Trailblazer, a Green Ward and 1 health pot.

I would recommend starting a habit and it doesn't matter what elo you are at, but get in the habit of buying early wards. I know you’ve heard it a million times “wards save live’s.” Vision is such a powerful tool in LoL. You should try to get a ward every back as well as keep your pink ward up on the map at all times. A pink helps deny vision as well provide a long term ward to provide intel as to where lanes are and where wards are!

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