Patch 8.17, Things To Know From A Challenger LoL Elo Boosters Perspective

Patch 8.17, Things To Know From A Challenger LoL Elo Boosters Perspective:

Another week, another patch for League of Legends.

Stay up to date during every LoL patch with our League of Legends Patch 8.17 "Things To Know". We'll go over the most important changes for this patch all chosen by one of our Challenger Elo Boosters, here at https://lol-eloboosting.com/.

This week, in patch 8.17 the main changes come to a few champions who were given some small buffs regarding number changes.

Out of the 10 champions listed below for buffs (number changes) in patch 8.17, the most noticable one comes to Irelia.

Irelia has been given 30% extra damage on her Q to minions in the hopes of giving back some of her lane fluidity that is no longer as prominent on the current Irelia.

The champions which were buffed are listed below:

Bard, Cassiopeia, Fiora, Kassadin, Kayn, Master Yi, Rengar, Wukong, Annie, Irelia

We've also seen some small nerfs, regarding number changes. The champions which were nerfed are listed below:

Garen, Varus, Yorrick

You may feel like not much has happened this patch besides small number changes, but you'd be wrong! This patch a new champion has been released!

Well... Not so much new, however a massive rework which could indeed be considered a new champion due to the scale of it. Nunu is no longer in the game, and has instead been replaced with the champion: "Nunu & Willump".

This patch also comes with some brand new skins for the skin line named: "High Noon"

The item

Stormrazer has also seen some small changes! Riot is giving stormrazor less damage in exchange for more attack speed, in the hopes of making it a much more consistent and top item pick for most of the ADC's currently played.

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