LoL Nexus Blitz Full Guide - What Is It, Rewards, Release Date & More

Among all of the events and special game modes that Riot has put out over the last ten years, Nexus Blitz happens to be one of the coolest, most loved, and action-packed modes out there.


Among the recent series of updates, buffs, nerfs, patches, and hotfixes that Riot has been publishing - they've finally unveiled that yes, Nexus Blitz is definitely coming back. Set to be a part of the much-anticipated Summer 2020 event, this game mode is coming back with a bit of a fresh facelift to build on top of the content that fans previously loved and offer a new tinge of excitement.


So, to get you prepped and ready for the game mode's landing, today we're going to be covering everything that you'll need to know in order to get the most out of it. We'll be discussing how the game mode works, what the event is like, what rewards you can expect to cop as well as give you some information on when you should expect it to go live.


Let's dive right in!


What Is Nexus Blitz In LoL & How Does It Work?

Nexus Blitz pits teams of 5 on an altered version of summoners rift with the same objective that you're already so well-acquainted with in a regular game of League of Legends.


However, there's a twist to it all!


This game mode adds several mini-games and events that alter the entire game at hand. The two opposing teams must then beat each of the events, while at the same time, focusing on the typical objective - destroying the enemy team's nexus.


While originally, Nexus Blitz was poised to become a regular game mode in addition to the current ARAM, Summoner's Rift And Twisted Treeline modes - it has since been dubbed as an "experimental mode" and has only made several brief appearances during very special events.


And with the 10th anniversary of LoL right around the corner, the famed mode is about to be made available to players yet again.


What Are The Events In Nexus Blitz?

As we mentioned earlier, this game mode isn't quite linear by any means. And given how fast-paced all of the events are, you can actually crank out a good game in around 15-20 minutes on average, compared to the 35-45 minutes that it would take you to play out a normal game.


This is because of the events that this game mode incorporates into a given match. Winning one of these events or minigames grants your team a power boost to help you dominate your opponents. Allowing you to make short work of their defenses and finally, their nexus.


Here are the events that will appear in random combinations throughout the average game of Nexus Blitz:

·   URF Deathmatch - The teams go into URF mode and you'll have to beat the enemy team in a best of three showdown to win.

·   Classis Bardle Royale - Both teams duke it out inside of a flaming ring that gradually closes in on one part of the map, with the last surviving team emerging victorious.

·   Paranoia Bardle Royale - This event takes after the Classic Bardle Royale, with the exception that every player is nearsighted (as in the case of a Nocturne Ultimate).

·   Juggernaut Bardle Royale - This time the twist is that one player on each team gets buffed with lots of health and the OnFire buff which grants tons of damage and regen while making the player more vulnerable to damage from enemy champions.

·   DPS Check - Both teams must deal damage to a stationary practice dummy. The team that deals the most damage wins.

·   Protect The 'Raka - Both teams get a Soraka bot, with the victory-objective revolving around taking down the other team's Soraka before they take down your own.

·   Loot Teemo / Veigar - In both of these mini-games, a Teemo or Veigar will spawn and attempt to evade both teams while using certain abilities to fight back. Hitting the bot awards the players dealing damage some gold, and the team that last-hits the bot wins.

·   Classic Push The Cart - A single cart spawns and your team must guide it to the nearest enemy structure as well as destroy said structure to win.

·   Two-Way Push The Cart - This event puts a twist on its classic counterpart by locking both teams in a race to see who can destroy the other's structure first, as both teams are now in the possession of a cart.


Now that we've covered the pool of events you'll have to tackle, it's important to keep in mind that your team will be bestowed with particular rewards for emerging victorious from one of these events.


What Are The Rewards In Nexus Blitz?

Each time you beat an event thrown at you during a round of Nexus Blitz, your team will receive a random temporary or permanent power-boosting reward.


These rewards are meant to give you the upper hand or catch up quickly to your enemies.


From a massive shielding buff to hook-throwing turrets, these rewards are all sorts of wacky, strange, and awesome all in one.


Here are some of the rewards that you may encounter playing Nexus Blitz:

·   B.F. Shield - Players gain a massive shield that lasts until it's depleted.

·   Blitzcrank Buff - Your turrets, sieges, and super minions can Blitz-grab enemy champions until the end of the game.

·   Battle Sled - Your team can use the sled to zoom to any location on the map, with the first player to enter being the designated driver.

·   Champion Catapult - You can launch yourself anywhere on the map for the rest of the game using the cannon in your base. You will also deal damage and push enemies back as you make a landing.

·   Poro King - A Poro King joins your team to help you siege enemy structures. It will also damage enemies, while periodically healing you and your team.

·   Guardian Angel Buff - Your team gains temporary guardian angel buffs which last a total of 90 seconds.

·   Statikk Shock - Every basic auto-attack that you or your teammates dish out will proc the Stattik Shiv chain-lighting effect. This can really beef up your damage and waveclear.

·   The Elder Dragon - Your attacks against enemy champions under a certain health percentage will automatically execute them.

·   Mega Drake Buffs - The ocean drake buff grants health and resource regen as well as added damage to enemies for 180 seconds. On the other hand, the cloud drake counterpart steeply increases your movement speed and cooldown reduction on your ultimate skills for 180 seconds.


As you can see, each of these buffs is obscenely powerful, quirky, and seemingly, the recipe to some really good fun.


Combined with the fast-paced nature of Nexus Blitz, the constant events and mini-games being thrown at you - these rewards truly add a bit of spice to our beloved game, in the best of ways.


So, now that we've piqued your curiosity, let's talk a bit about when you should expect Nexus Blitz to hit live servers.


When Is Nexus Blitz Being Released?

As most players are only just now catching wind of the massive amount of changes and new content coming to League of Legends with the summer event - it's easy to think that it's still a long stretch of time away.


However, in reality, Nexus Blitz is already available for you to enjoy on the PBE today!


And while Riot hasn't announced a specific release date for the new mode, it's anticipated that it will fully launch on July 8th, with the release of LoL Patch 10.14.


Closing Thoughts

Undeniably, Nexus Blitz is an absolute crowd favorite when it comes to the various fun and exciting game modes that League of Legends fans have gotten the opportunity to experience over the 10 years that the game has been out.


And after a lengthy wait, this action-packed mode is finally coming back yet again. However, it's undergone a slight facelift this time around, all with the intention of making it more thrilling than ever.


So, if you're excited to jump in and experience Nexus Blitz for yourself - it's out on PBE - with the live environment being expected to receive the update on July 8th.

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