League of Legends: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide


League of Legends is one of the most popular MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games on the internet. It was launched in 2009 by Riot Games and soon became a game loved by gamers around the globe.

LOL offers an exhilarating interface and promotes strategy-based team gameplay along with several game modes, great graphics, as well as a seamless application. While you will come across an unreasonably large number of League of Legends guides, very few cater to beginners.

If you're wondering what the hype is about, read this beginner's guide aimed at helping you understand the game and its nuances in the easiest way ever! So, let's begin!


What is League of Legends?

League of Legends is a MOBA game and has been well-known since its launch. Additionally, it has also taken over the esports industry by storm. This game has a standard gameplay wherein ten players are required to split into teams of five.

Then, these players go on to fight it out on what's called "Summoner's Rift" or a map. Now, these players control individual characters that are termed champions.


What is a Champion?

Each of the ten players in the game control individual League of Legends champions. Presently, you can gain access to more than 140 champions in the game. Plus, Riot Games is making a conscious attempt to add more new champions to the game gradually.

These characters or champions are now equipped with special powers or abilities that allow them to have varying playstyles. Right before the game, each team is tasked with choosing their champions.

Several strategies are involved in the game, and players tend to give serious thought to creating teams with champions who play well together.


How to Play?

The primary mode in the game is called Summoner's Rift. It is also called 5v5, which translates to a game of five versus five. Players are called Summoners and further summon champions to start playing.

As mentioned earlier, each champ has a unique skill or role. You are required to play using these champs to destroy the opponent's Nexus. Additionally, you also need to protect your own Nexus to win the game.

Now, you have to destroy turrets to reach the opponent's Nexus. Three turrets block each lane that leads to the other team's Nexus. Plus, two other turrets are seen protecting the Nexus. So, destroying three turrets and one "inhibitor" will give you an edge.

It would be best if you steered clear of turrets since they attack fiercely while protecting the way to the Nexus.


What are Minions?

During the gameplay, you will spot minions every few minutes. You can get money by securing the "last hit" on a minion. Last-hitting is not easy and will take you some time to get used to. So, fret not!

Minions protect champions from sudden turret attacks. So, it is ideal to ensure the presence of minions near the tower before you launch an attack. If you're still unsure how minions work, you can look up some great videos League of Legends support videos online!


Let the Games Begin!

As soon as the champions get locked in, you get a small window to add skills, emotes, pets (little legends), ward and champion skins, etc. You will also get access to the rift's shop, where you can buy starting items.

You can play at different positions such as Top, Bot Lane, Middle, and Jungle. Now, you are free to wander, but it is wiser to stick by your teammates. Mid and Top are solo lanes that let you advance alone.

You will encounter fighters and tanks in the Top lane, whereas assassins and mages are more common in the Mid lane. The Bot is nothing but a "duo lane" that requires Support and a Marksman.

Around the map, you will also come across monsters. By farming monsters, the Jungle earns its income. They are responsible for putting downwards to give their team a clear vision.

In a League of Legends championship, 2 neutral mobs are present. These are called scuttle crabs and offer a clear view of the arena around two monsters called Baron Nashor and Dragon.


How to Communicate?

You can alert your team using different smart-pings. These pings are color-coded and help you play seamlessly. For instance,

       Danger = Red ‘!’

       On my way to you = downward pointing arrow (Green)

       Assist needed = Blue flag


What are the Different 5v5 Modes?

League of Legends offers three 5v5 modes. The easiest mode is 'Blind Pink.' Here, players select champs simultaneously while they cannot see what the other team has chosen. Another mode called 'Draft Pick' is also quite fun to play.

In this mode, teams choose one champ each that gets banned from the game. These bans are made strategically to guarantee an advantage before the game starts. The teams are allowed to see each other's picks only after locking into your League of Legends account.

The third mode, 'Ranked' has a similar ban method as the draft pick mode. However, this is available only after you reach the competitive level 30 of the game.

Most League of Legends championships prefer the Draft Pick mode for eSports.



While there are plenty of League of Legends YouTube guides, our guide has detailed the game's core concepts that help you understand and play it. This game has tons of exciting elements such as League of Legends skins, minions, monsters, champs, etc.

Moreover, once you reach level 30, you become eligible to play competitive games. Competitive games are ranked and help you play at a professional level, including at eSports events.

One of the most popular tournaments is the League of Legends Worlds, played at an international level. Essentially, it hosts the best players from across the globe for an intense series.

Sometimes, playing this game might get you restless since it takes time to get right. However, once you get the hang of the rules and strategies, you'll look forward to every game! So, download League of Legends and unleash the champ in you!

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