League of Legends – Choosing the Right Champion

Those who are already playing League of Legends have probably realized how important it is to choose the right champion. This is one of the most important things that can affect the progress of your account and the time needed for reaching new levels. That’s why you must carefully choose your champion and preferably find one that reflects your best gaming abilities. In this way you will be able to win battles more easily and upgrade your champion which means a stronger champion and more experience points. These are some of the most popular champions in League of Legends.

Akali – This champion is the perfect option for those who enjoy one on one fight. Akali is actually a hybrid that is equally good at doing damage both by using magic and by using physical force. Her biggest weakness is her performance in late game. You can prevent her doing damage by using pink ward and by using an oracle. Make sure you use the W spell in the right way. 

Alistar – Gamers that are looking for a support champion that is good at defense but even more powerful when it comes to offensive should check Alistar. He has very strong AOE knock up and it is one of the best support champions for every type of LoL team. He can use several combos (WQ included). The best way to defend from Alistar is to use CC and spread your champions because AListar is deadly on a small space. 

Cho’Gath – This champion acts like a tank or a pusher and we can confirm that this is probably one of the weirdest champions. He can deliver strong damage to the opponents. You must aim well his Q because otherwise he is almost useless. 

Darius – One of the best champions when it comes to one on one fight. His ultimate ability is one of the strongest among all champions. He can use it several times during one fight. You can prevent his attacks by buying QSS. 

Ezreal – Just like Akali, this champion provides good early and mid gameplay but he is little bit weaker when it comes to late game. Of course, this situation can be corrected by using proper upgrades later in the game. 

Fiddlesticks – This champion is most valuable when it is used as a jungler. Fiddlesticks should be used in the jungle where he can patiently wait for the opponents to fall into his trap. You can deal with him by using counter attacks. 

Cassiopeia – One of the hardest champions to destroy. If this champion is in the game it’s better to have her on your side. Her speed and ratio are just amazing. The best way to avoid her ult is to avoid staying close to her with your face champion looking at her. Besides these champions there are many other champions that you can choose. As we have mentioned before take your time and analyze all of them. Having the right champion can determine the outcome of the game!

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