How to Jungle Rengar Part 2

Jungle Path:

Krugs-Red-Razorbeaks-Wolves-Back and Buy-Blue-Gromp-Gank

The above route will get you 4, as well as get you items before ganking.

When playing jungle Rengar you are going to want to start Krugs! Because the buff gained off smiting these little guys is very useful. When smiting Krugs you gain a buff called “Gift of Heavy Hands” which stuns a minion after every 5 auto attacks. This buff is great for avoiding damage!

Red:When doing a red buff or when you are near a red buff. Remember if smited you gain a lot of health. This has saved me countless times from dying when being invaded on. It has also been the deciding factor in a lot of near death experiences. If you are ignited and are about to die, SMITE THAT RED BUFF. If karthus ultimate is being channeled. YOU BETTER Smite that RED buff! Here’s an example of what happened to me in a Rengar game. I started toad/blue buff route because I was versus lee sin(he was the enemy jungler). I was scared he would look to invade me at my second buff. So, I tried to out thinkhim and start a different route. He found me at my red and landed his q while I was sub 200 life. I smited before he could get the second part of his q off. This allowed me to stay alive long enough to blow all my cooldowns on him. Once he died and gave me first blood.He was baffled at how I survived and then proceeded spamming all chat with questions about how I healed so much. He thought it was my empowered w. That healed me so much but really it was the fact that I smited red buff for the health!
Razorbeaks:When smiting Razorbeaks it gives you a warning and magical sight for 10 seconds when an enemy ward spots you. It lasts 90 seconds,with 1 charge! This is useful for spotting out enemy wards. A great way to take less damage is to kill the Little Razorbeaks first. This is because they do as much damage as the Big Razorbeak but have 1/10th the life. Clearing the little guys lets you stay in the jungle longer and staying healthy in the jungle is the difference between risking first blood and not.

Wolves:Smiting this camp, summons a Rift Spirit that watches over your top side of the jungle. It will ping if any enemy invades. This is very useful vs high pressure invade junglers(such as shaco,lee sin and pantheon). It will keep you safe while informing your team that you are going to need assistance pushing them out of your jungle.

Blue:Smiting blue buff gives you mana. This is extremely useful if you in the middle of a fight and happen to be oom.

Gromp:Smiting Gromp grants you a thornmail-like effect where attackers are poisoned for 3 secs after attacking. This works against minions,neutral minions and champions!

Jungle Rotation:
Your rotation in the jungle should be w>q>e. The reason you want to use Battle Roar first is because it grants armor, so you take less damage while clearing. When clearing camps you want to be sure to use your Empowered Battle Roar to heal so you are healthier in the jungle. Using your Empowered Battle Roar increases your armor and it also does area of effect damage on the entire camp. Plus, it lowers the time it takes to clear each camp. Allowing you to spend more time ganking and less time killing neutral monsters! 

Gank Rotation:
Empowered Bola>Q>E>W
You are going to want to have 5 stacks before ganking this way you can open with a empowered bola. This roots your kill target either forcing a summoner or results in their death!

Ultimate Gank Rotation: 
Is the same as above but you are going to want to practice in normals or in customers. Throwing your bola as you are flying through the air. This makes it impossible to dodge. Because they will see the exclamation 

Flash Ultimate:
This combo is used to give your enemy zero chance to react to your presence.! If you don't flash ultimate then they are able detect you as you come into range. Most people see this exclamation mark and flash away or use escapes to create distance! This makes it so they have no chance to create distance. Be sure to Empowered Bola out of your flash/ultimate combo. So they are stuck eating your full rotation of damage.

Cat and Mouse:
This is something I enjoy doing so much. This is where the enemy team plans to peel you off their adc. But what you do is sit in your ultimate for the full duration. Wasting 2-3 players time while their front line dives your entire team making it a 2v4. The enemy is scared of the exclamation mark above their heads. They expect you to engage. But if you wait you end up just toying with them and in turn giving your team an advantage. This strategy works when solo killing people farming side lanes. You can sit in your ultimate and wait for them to panic summoners and if they don't no hard, no foul. They still end up dying anyways!

Build and Buy Order:
Damage Build:
This build is hard to master. because if you ultimate badly you are going to drop like a sack of poo! But if you learn to ultimate wisely and watch the enemy movement around the map. When you see someone alone farming You can POUNCE! This scares people away from farming side lanes. If they aren't scared then good more stacks for your necklace!

Machete and 2 health pots

After wolves you can buy either ranger's trailblazer with 3 health pots or 1 health and a ward.

Then upgrade your ranger's trailblazer (The cooldown reduction is amazing, armor penetration is also great)

Brutalizer (Great because of the cooldown reduction and Armor penetration)

GhostBlade( This item has great synergy with your ultimate. Trying popping this and your ultimate and watch yourself zoom across the map in stealth towards an unsuspecting victim)

Mobility boots(This lets you position better with your ultimate!)

Tiamat(the reason you don't want to finish this item is because its only used for auto reset and its aoe ad damage. The 1400 gold should go to another brutalizer)

Brutalizer(Great because of the cooldown reduction and Armor penetration)

Last whisper(Armor penetration=more damage)

Triforce(Your empowered Q with triforce proc when up being disgusting.)

Hydra(Lifesteal never hurt anyone)

Tank Build:
This build takes a lot of trust in your team. When you go tanky you are pretty much saying “HEY GUYS I’m your second support carry me please!.” Tanks do have a huge impact on a game and are important. But don't expect to win more than you would if you mastered the full glass cannon 100 to 0 in .5second rengar build! This build is very forgiving, your job everyteam fight is to ultimate in and soak cooldowns. So they don't get used on your carries! 

Machete and 2 health pots

After wolves you can buy either ranger's trailblazer with 3 health pots or 1 health and a ward.

Then upgrade your ranger's trailblazer (The cooldown reduction is amazing, armor penetration is also great)

Mobility boots(This lets you position better with your ultimate!)

For your next item it depends on what you are verusing, if its mostly magic damage or attack damage. Also consider who is fed on the enemy team. After your damage jungle item, Its wise to go Omen if the enemy team is mostly attack damage or if they are mostly magic damage go Spirit Visage! Which ever one you end up buying. You’ll want your next buy to be the one you didn't pick up first. 

Thornmail(this tank item is the only damage tank item if that makes sense. This allows you to deal damage back through the thornmail and still get tankier!)

Guardian Angel(This item is great for forcing fights where you know you'd die without this item. For example. You see they are doing baron your team is a few second behind. You should ultimate and go in. Then get them to focus mr.supertank while you try and get the baron steal!)

Your seventh Item can be a Flex buy. It can be damage with items like: Hydra or Ghostblade. To be honest if the game gets to 7 items you probably should get a damage item so you become less of a bola bot and more of a assassin!

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