How to Jungle Rengar Part 1


Standard Armor Page: 3(6.75AD)Attack Damage Quintessence, 8(7.25AD) Flat Attack Damage Reds,1(.93%)Critical Chance Red, 9(9 Armor) Flat Armor Yellows and 9 (7.5%)CDR Blues. Standard runes should be used versus 1 ability power based solo lane champion, this also includes the jungle. The reason for this is because with the standard rune page you are not running any magic resist. Which mean magic damage will hurt A LOT! So if the enemy team has, two or more ability power based champions you are going to want to switch to your page that has flat magic resistance blues. Be sure to have a second rune page for Rengar versus magic damage. Your page will want to be as followed, 
Magic Resistance Page: 3(6.75AD) Attack Damage Quints, 8(7.25AD) Flat Attack Damage Reds, 1(.93%) Critical Chance Red, 9(9 Armor) Flat Armor Yellows and 9(12 Magic Resistance) Flat Magic Resistance Blues.The idea behind the flat cooldown reduction blues is that it helps lower your cooldowns for a faster and smoother clear. Cooldown reduction also effects how long your main abilities are down for. The reason why this is important is because the sooner your ultimate is up, the more kills you can acquire! The more kills/assist’s you get the sooner your Bonetooth Necklace stacks. That faster that stacks the more control in the game you will have. You end up getting more control over the game from the buffs that Bonetooth Necklace gives you. You might be wondering how do I acquire trophies for my Bonetooth Necklace: Its simple get KILLS or Assists! You get a trophy for every kill or assist you get. Heres a quick rundown of the bonuses you get once you acquire the trophies!

3 Trophies -you gain a flat movement speed buff while you are out of combat or while you in a bush. 
6 Trophies -increases your passive which is “Unseen Predator’s” by 125 range.
12 Trophies -increases your “Thrill of the Hunt” duration.
20 Trophies- “Thrill of the Hunt’s bonus movement speed doubles!
You do not lose stacks on death. Which makes this mechanic allow you to always scale into the late game with ease! 

Skill Order:
Your skill order is extremely important if you happen level incorrectly. Your jungle clear will be greatly affected, the speed and amount of health you have after each camp will differ greatly because of this skill order. You do not want to risk being too low in the jungle.Because that makes you an easy first blood by enemy invade.Your skill order should be exactly as shown below:

Levels: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Skills: Q>W>E>Q>Q>R>Q>E>Q>E>R>E>E>W>W>Q>W>W 

Breakdown of Abilities: Passive: Unseen Predator(while ultimate or in a bush your auto attacks cause you to leap) This Passive is amazing. It transforms you from a simple melee champion into a range attack damage carry as long as you are in a bush or in ultimate. Your passive can get interrupted by knock ups so watch out!
Q: Savagery: Rengar’s next basic attack within the next 3 seconds deals bonus physical damage.
-This ability can be used to reset your auto attacks. So as you see your auto attack animation go off you are going to want to hit “Savagery” so in the time it takes to hit the enemy once you end up hitting them twice!
Empowered Savagery: Rengar’s next basic attack in the next 3 seconds deals bonus physical damage. Use this when you want to do MORE damage! 

W:Battle Roar:This ability is a magic damage area of effect, that increases your armor and magic resist for 4 seconds
-Battle Roar is great in team fights to make you a bit beefier with its increased armor and magic resist. The heal doesn't hurt either!
Empowered Battle Roar: This ability is a magic damage area of effect that does more damage than its weaker counterpart,increases and heals you based on your missing % health.

E: Bola Strike: Throws a bola, that slows and does physical damage.

Empowered Bola Strike: Throws a bola that roots. This is an amazing opener out of your ultimate!

-This is SHOULD always be your opener when you come out of stealth. You do not want to open with a Empowered Savagery. Think about it You are gonna have them rooted in place vs a little extra damage. When they are root it ends up being more damage than a little upfront burst from Empowered Savagery

R:Thrill Of the Hunt: Puts you in stealth and lets you gain an ability called true sight which is a huge radius that lets you see enemy champions through the fog of war. You can use your ultimate for checking barons,dragons and blind spots on the map. -This BY far is the best ultimate in the game with 40% cooldown reduction and level 16 ultimate you end up having a 42 second cd that lets you 100-0 squishees!

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