How to improve your gameplay?

What is the core difference between an elo booster and players in general?

The elo booster not only realizes that even though the game is supposed to be won through sheer team effort , he aims to make a critical difference at the early part of the game, demoralizing the enemy from the get go. Unfortunately even the greatest booster can not carry all the games, we assimilate a good booster to have at least an 80% win ratio depending on the division the account is in at the moment.
I know many players who do not understand the difference between a manageable game and a carriable one. The difference is in our ability to take "controlled" risks in the early game to take kills and then snowball opponents so you canhave both preferrable pressure on your own lane and roam quickly plus effectively to help your teammates take objectives . When I say " controlled risk" I'm talking about a trading of damage with your opponent the moment you know the enemy jungler's position (appeared somewhere on the map far away from you).

How to know if your trade will be efficient?
This requires more information than you think:

• The damage inflicted by a spell considering every upgrade

• The base damage of your character respective to level / combination of your runes / masteries

• Damage inflicted by ignite each level / the possibility that enemy uses a health potion during this time.

• Know when your enemy will pass a level: this could allow him to retalliate properly!

Misconceptions aboutranked games!
Do not try to counter-pick your opponent as in the majority of the cases you will not have enough experience with the character which would suit it best. Knowledge is key, you can always beat a counter-pick even in the most dire situations thanks to your overwhelming lexical and ecperimental knowledge of character your playmaking abilities. Also, do not forget that a good farm can also make a difference as it can provide a stable basis for your item building should everything else fail. Specifically, I recommend having a minimum of three champions for any lane that you master completely setupwise. Keep in mind you might have to pick one of them based on its role in teamfights: big burst, mobility and control. For example, you can opt for mid: Kassadin-ahri-fizz.

When you have a substantial advantage over your lane, never forget about Enemy jungler, as it is very easy to deal with him utilizing a properly placed ward at his blue/red buff. Get as many respawn timers as possible and don’t hesitate to try your luck, stealing a big XP buff is always worth it. An underleveled jungler will have less impact with his ganks, generally having the most demoralizing effect on a team.

How to carry a game can depend in which elo range you are : farming is the most important in bronze. Each new league you will advance to has a different aspect of the game emphasized: your farming, investment in team fights, zoning, freezing, timer knowledge all have to be synchronized, so your overall sense of what is going on in each game can develop fast and efficiently. You could call this the "sixth sense" of boosters. Once you have assimilated all that you can say "i'm a decent player!"
Remember that the best way to improve your efficiency is to save these ranked games and in-depth analyse without considering the environment or your team’s skills. The question is not how to improve my mates but how you can improve your game so that it has an effect on their general playstyle. You have no direct power over your mates but you can motivate them, by showing an exemplanary playstyle, and leading them into battle!

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