How To Find The Best Jungle Paths For Every Jungler In LoL In Season 10

Let's face it, playing Jungle well in Season 10 isn't exactly a walk in the park, is it?


For most players - you've got to master individual champion mechanics, get a feel for how they pair with the team composition and stack up against enemy junglers and get a grasp of how to pull off the right amount of map pressure, in the right place, at the right time.


And while all of that is hard enough, playing jungle successfully is closely tied with being able to get the right camps on the map at the right time.


There's a lot of macro-play and decisionmaking involved in being a great jungler, and unfortunately, for most players of the past - these sorts of skills could only be honed through hundreds of lost games and a hefty bit of self-reflection.


But thanks to the fact that we live in the digital age, today's junglers have it a little easier!


Technology To The Rescue

Recently, a team of die-hard League of Legends fans has teamed up to create a data-driven tool that helps you pick out the optimal jungle route based on thousands of games' worth of data that they got from high Elo players' games.


The team, headed by "JackWills" has spent months mining, processing, and aggregating data in order to determine what the best jungle path was in any matchup according to the playstyles of Master, Grandmaster, and Challenger ELO players.


And after having a chance to take a peek under the hood - we're pretty darn impressed!


While it should be obvious that this tool doesn't entirely eliminate any decisionmaking that you'd have to employ in order to really shine and stand out as a superb jungler - the tool does help you out in a pinch.


Don't know your matchup? Aren't sure what the optimal setup is? Got last picked into jungle?


No worries! These sorts of situations are exactly what Jung.gg was made for.


Just load it up, throw in the champion you're about to play as, determine what lane should have gank priority, and follow the suggested jungle path to success.


How Does Jung.GG Work?

According to JackWills, the tool uses Riot's API to grab the data from high ELO players' games and uses a "probability-based" method of estimating where each jungler went.


While training this sort of tool on a small sample size like a data set comprised of one or two games wouldn't be very effective - the team actually boasts that they're processing as many as 15,000 games per week across all the various servers. This, of course, means that the tool's algorithm has a much larger sample size to study, thus improving its predictive efficacy to a near-100% level of accuracy.


However, there's a small catch!


As we've mentioned, the tool is still undergoing active development, and from what we've seen, the team has only started gathering significant data for processing not long ago.


This means that certain champions with a low amount of games (which equates to a small sample size of data for the algorithm to study) will have some issues in terms of the accuracy of their predicted pathing.


Thankfully, each champion result actually notes the number of games analyzed.


And if you're not looking to play anything off-meta, you shouldn't have any significant issues either, as popular META jungle champions such as Lee Sin have thousands of games analyzed already.


How To Use This Tool For Your LoL Games

As we've mentioned earlier, the tool is actually incredibly simple to use. There are only three steps involved in the process of picking out a jungle path to follow in your own game using Jung.gg.


Here are the steps that you'll need to follow in order to calculate optimal paths using the jungle path tool:

1.    Pick Out Your Champion - Do you have a fallback jungler? A preferred champion to play in this role? Select the champion that you'd find easiest to play given the opposing team's composition and your own level of comfort with their kit and the matchup you're playing against.

2.    Input The Champion Name Into The Tool - When you load up the tool's website, there's a single white field available for you to input the champion name. Once this is done, let the tool load as it pulls its predictive estimates from the processed data it stores.

3.    Determine Gank Priority & Choose A Path - In most cases, the tool will suggest several path options, depending on which lane should have gank priority in your match. You will need to make the decision on your own and follow the suggested path for that particular scenario. However, while the options will often revolve around gank priority, with certain champions like Lee Sin the tool will suggest several invade options as well as several common pathing options depending on your itemization, so definitely keep that in mind as well.


Pretty simple, huh?


While in the past you would have had to analyze hundreds of your own losing games, watch dozens of hours of streams or even hire a coach in order to improve your decisionmaking abilities quickly as a jungler in LoL - today's digital age enables us to make data-driven decisions based on what options bear the highest probability of success.


And it's actually as simple as typing your champion's name into a website's search box!


Closing Thoughts

Jungling is one of the more difficult lanes to truly master to its fullest extent in League of Legends.


And even when you remove a lot of the mechanics and macro involved, picking out the right jungle route based on your matchup, team composition, winning lanes and itemization still requires a hefty bit of fine-tuned decisionmaking to pull off correctly.


Thankfully, there's a new tool in town that helps alleviate some of those difficult brain-bits, allowing you to pick out optimal jungle paths for every jungler in LoL practically on the fly.


So if you get last picked into the bushes - don't worry, Jung.gg has got you covered!


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