League of Legends is a game where the meta, or the most commonly used strategies and tactics, can often feel very rigid. However, sometimes breaking away from the norm can give you a serious advantage over your opponents. Here are some unconventional strategies that can help you win games:

1. Roaming supports
Most supports in League of Legends stick to the bottom lane with their ADC, but some champions like Bard, Pyke, and Rakan are excellent roamers. Roaming supports can help secure kills in other lanes and can catch enemies off guard.

2. Jungler as a laner
Junglers are typically seen as the ones who roam around the map and farm the jungle camps. However, some junglers like Hecarim, Rengar, and Kha'Zix can be played as laners. These champions have excellent mobility and can catch enemies off guard with their burst damage.

3. Double jungle
In a double jungle strategy, one player takes a traditional jungle role, while the other takes a non-traditional role like a mid or top laner. The second jungler will focus on invading the enemy jungle and disrupting the enemy jungler. This strategy can deny the enemy jungler resources and put your team ahead.

4. AP bot lane
Most bot laners are physical damage dealers, but sometimes picking an AP champion like Swain or Syndra can catch the enemy team off guard. AP champions can deal significant damage and can burst down squishy targets quickly.

5. Split pushing
While split pushing is not a new strategy, it can still catch enemies off guard. Split pushing involves one player pushing a lane while the rest of the team pressures another objective like Baron or Dragon. This can force the enemy team to choose between defending their base or contesting an objective.

6. Protect the carry
Protect the carry is a strategy that involves building a team composition around a hyper carry like Vayne or Kog'Maw. The rest of the team will focus on keeping the carry alive and peeling for them in team fights. This strategy can be challenging to pull off, but it can be incredibly rewarding if executed correctly.

7. Proxy farming
In proxy farming, a player will farm between enemy towers in the top or bottom lane. This can be a risky strategy, but it can deny the enemy top laner resources and can force them to rotate away from objectives.

8. Assassin support
While supports are typically seen as champions that focus on utility and crowd control, some champions like Pyke or Senna can be played as assassins. Assassin supports can roam around the map and secure kills in other lanes.

9. All-in level 1
In some cases, an all-in level 1 can catch the enemy team off guard and give your team an early lead. Champions with strong level 1 abilities like Draven or Blitzcrank can help secure an early kill.

10. Siege composition
A siege composition involves picking champions with excellent poke and wave clear. The goal of this composition is to push the enemy team back and take objectives like towers or inhibitors. This strategy can be challenging to execute, but it can be incredibly effective if done correctly.

In conclusion, breaking the meta can be a fun and effective way to win games in League of Legends. These strategies require a bit of creativity and coordination with your team, but they can catch your opponents off guard and give you an advantage.

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