A Newbie's Guide To League Of Legends


Video games have a new reputation in these times. No longer are they solely for nerds and deadbeats who hang around the house all day; now they are a way of garnering respect, fame, and money.

From esports competitions to full-fledged conventions, video games have almost a cult-like following. People are buying these intricately designed graphics, storylines, and characters at alarming rates, kinds we have never encountered before.

There is a video game for everybody. Maybe you like a fantasy fiction world or want to build your own; there's a video game for every fantasy. The most popular fantasy video game today is League of Legends.

The game has gained an incredible amount of notoriety and is being played by people all over the world. If you're looking for your next fantasy video game, League of Legends has to be your first choice.

Before you make any decisions, let's understand the game.

What is League of Legends?

As one of the most popular video games available today, league of legends is in a class of its own. From the plotline to the graphics, every inch of this game is filled with adventure and a thrill like no other.

At its core, League of Legends will remind you a lot of the game capture the flag. What capture the flag does not have are dragons. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

League of Legends is a team player game with each team consisting of five different roles. Each team is meant to destroy their enemy's base, which contains the Nexus. However, getting to the enemy base requires the player and their team to pass through difficult terrains and face their enemies as well.

It seems simple enough, but like any goof fantasy video game League of Legends is intricately designed to have many twists as possible. But the premise is simple, get to your enemy's base, destroy the Nexus, and win the game!


Remember the ten players in the game? Well, they each control a champion. There are about 150 champions to pick from currently, and every single one is different in some manner. They each have different abilities and playstyles.

The choice of League of Legends champions doesn't solely depend on you but rather requires a team effort to create the most effective group of warriors. The team helps choose the champions and also the roles they'll be playing.

Five Roles

Each person on the team is assigned a particular role at the beginning of the game. There is an option to pick the primary choice, the secondary choice, or 'Fill' where you'll take any position. Each role has a different way of operating and doing things. Take it from us, it's like playing a new game each time you change your champion or your main role.


There are different maps you can play in League of Legends. You find several streamers that you can find on Youtube who plays different maps, and each one offers its own set of challenges.

The standard map that is most regularly played and used by professionals is the Summoner's rift. There are three different 'lanes' or routes on the map, and particular roles take on a certain path. The main objective is to destroy turrets and inhibitors along your way to make money and level up!

How do you play League of Legends?

Now that you're aware of the absolute basics of the game, it is time to learn how to start playing. To begin, you're going to need three items:

       Computers (either Windows or Mac)

       High-speed WiFi

       Keyboard and Mouse

Once you have your set-up, it's time to get started. Depending on the map you're playing, you're bound to take different times. For example, the Summoner's Rift might take about 45 minutes, but Twisted Treeline will only take 20 minutes.

Before you can even think of what map you want to play, you're going to need an account. An account can easily be found on the website of the game, and installation can be done after you create an account.

Once you've got the game downloaded and patched, you're good to go! You can play the tutorial, customize your game, and keep getting better with each game you play. There are options to try your new-found skills against AI rather than real humans that will help you practice.

The more money you earn, the more champions you can buy. Each time you buy a new champion, you experience a new set of powers and playing styles. It's practically like a new game each time you switch champions.

Work on getting better as you play. There are tons of guides that will help you crack even the toughest of situations and have you climb higher in ranking and power. But, don't forget to have fun while you play. There's no point if you're not having fun!

Terms every player should know

Whether it is a physical sport or middle school gossip, the terminology is important. League of legends has its own terminology that any player needs to be acquainted with before they start playing.

       1-3-1: a formation where one team member is at the Top, three team members are at Mid, and one is at Bot.

       1-4: formation where one team member is at the side lane and the other four members are in another lane.

       ADC: attack damage carry

       AFK: Away from the keyboard

       All-in: committing all your resources

       APC: Ability power carry

       Focus: to prioritize a specific target to damage

       GG: Good Game

       OOM: Out of mana

       Peel: using your abilities and position to protect an ally from enemies.

There are obviously several more terms that you'll need to know when playing League of Legends, but for now, the bare basics will serve you well.


Everybody needs some tips; whether it be for life or League of Legends, tips are always useful. We've combined a few for any newbie who's looking for some good advice!

       Try out different characters and roles

       Learn the map layout

       Memorize the Hotkeys

       Stay behind minions

       Learn the language

       Communicate with your team



That's it for this League of Legends guide! The impeccably designed game is destined to keep you occupied for days on end, whether it is you playing it yourself or watching a streamer on twitch. Who knows, maybe you'll find yourself playing in the big leagues! 

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