If you're a fan of tanky champions in League of Legends, then you're in for a treat. Preseason 13 has brought a number of changes that make tanks even more difficult to take down. In this blog post, we'll take a look at some of the key changes and how they benefit tanky champions. So if you're looking to dominate the battlefield with a big, beefy champion, read on!

Turrets are now always invulnerable to damage while healing up from 33% to 100%. This means that late-game players will have an even harder time taking down turrets and forcing their opponents back. The change also makes it much more difficult for champions with AoE spells like Zyra's plants or Teemo's mushrooms to effectively disable multiple turrets at once.

Golem health increased to 3200 from 3000. This is a minor buff, but overall golem health increases haven't had much of an impact due to the low health threshold that tanks must reach before engaging them in combat.

The biggest change for tanky champions is the increased gold generation from minions and monsters. The new value is 335 per 15 seconds (up from 300) which means you'll receive about 3 extra gold every 10 seconds. This gives tanks more opportunities to purchase items, making them even tougher to kill.

This bonus gold is also applied when farming neutral mobs in the jungle so tanky champions with strong clearing abilities will also benefit from the change. The bonus gold is applied as a flat amount, so items that increase your gold per minute will still be very effective for tanks.

Tanks are now much harder to push out of their lane and prevent from farming. This means that champions like Nautilus and Sejuani will be able to build up their defenses even faster than before. In addition, tanky junglers will have an easier time farming neutral monsters in the early game.

The new health regeneration passive is a nice bonus for champions like Cho'Gath who can heal themselves up from low amounts of damage. This will also benefit tanks that build items like Sunfire Cape and Spirit Visage, which grant health regeneration when under certain conditions.

Overall, the preseason changes have made it much more difficult to kill tanks in the late game - but don't worry! There are still plenty of ways to take dents out of their armor. Here are a few tips for dealing with tanks:

- Focus on attacking the turret instead of the tank if you don't have much damage output. - Use abilities that deal large amounts of AoE damage to take out multiple turrets at once (e.g., Zyra's plant bombs). - Take advantage of champions like Teemo who can disable multiple turrets at once with his mushrooms or traps. - If engaging in direct combat, focus your attacks on areas where the tank isn't protected by their turret or allies (e.g., the head).

- Junglers who can deal high burst damage will be able to quickly take out tanks that are isolated from their team (e.g., Fiddlesticks with Crowstorm). - Champions like Morgana and Zyra who can disable enemy champions for a long period of time will also benefit greatly against tanky teams.

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