No. 1
How does this service work ?
You pay us to improve your Rank and MMR (matchmaking rating) in ranked games, normals draft or duoQ. After we receive your payment and user information, one of our hand-picked Master/Challenger Boosters will begin to boost your account.
All of our players have the experience and motivation required to guarantee an unmatched quality and speed you'll only find with us.
No. 2
How can I be sure my account won't be stolen?
Your account is safe with us, we have done everything to make sure there is no risk to get your account stolen.
No. 3
Do the boosters have access to my IP and RP ?
Boosters are not allowed to use these funds unless you give them permition to do so.
No. 4
Will only one booster play on my account ?
A dedicated, hand-picked booster is assigned to your account. It's a safety measure that many websites fail to understand. If a booster locks your account and cannot play due to an emergency, he will be replaced by another to ensure your order is completed faster.
No. 5
Can I spectate the games while a booster is on my account?
Yes, you can spectate him through our website or through a second account that you have on your main account's friend's list.
No. 6
Can I contact the booster outside of the game?
Yes. You can contact the booster for any questions or concerns using the chat interface found in the Members Area!
No. 7
What if my booster isn't doing as well as I would like him to? Can I get a different one?
Yes, filling out a contact form with the details or contacting us through live chat support will allow you to swap boosters.
No. 8
What if a booster on my account got reported and I got banned? What are you going to do about that?
We have strict rules about behavior in games. Our boosters will not flame or display toxic behavior in game.
No. 9
How long will you work on my account ?
Many factors can influence the time it takes to complete your order. It depends on some variables we cannot control like server status, internet connection, etc. Our boosters will get the job done as fast as they can, and are rewarded for it. We have a solid reputation to maintain.
No. 10
Can I play on my account while you're working on it ?
Yes, make sure your booster is currently not in a queue or game and pause your order. Remember that you cannot play ranked solo/duo queue.
No. 11
I've made my payment, now what ?
You will be redirected to a page with the registration process after payment. You will also receive a confirmation link sent via email to create an account, unless you already have one. Your account will be ready for boosting after you've done that.
No. 12
Can I play duo with my booster ?
Yes, you can duoQ with your booster, you just need to choose this option on the page.
No. 13
Can you win my promotion games ?
In a 'Buy wins' boost, you may or may not have enough wins to surpass your promotional matches. A division boost is the only that guarantees your division.
No. 14
What servers do you function on ?
At the moment, we are working on the following servers: North America, Oceania, EU West, EU North-East, Russia, Turkey and Latin America North.
No. 15
You don't function on my server, when can I expect this to change ?
This may change in the future, but we have no prediction when.
No. 16
I've made a mistake in my order and I picked the wrong server, what should I do ?
Contact us via the contact form or live support and we will fix the problem as soon as possible.
No. 17
I paid for the service but the league/division differs on my account from the league/division that I mentioned in the order, what now ?
Your order will be cancelled and your money refunded. You will be able to order again.
No. 18
I paid for a division but I was boosted forward, do I have to pay for this ?
Of course not, the initial order price remains the same.
No. 19
I paid for your services, but I'm not happy with them. Can I get a refund ?
Yes, write to us using the contact form or live support so we can help you solve your issue.
No. 20
I get less than 12 league points for a game, can I use the first option for the boosting ?
No, for you we prepared option number two, which is game wins.
No. 21
I don't have a paypal account; can I use a different payment method ?
Unfortunately, we don't support other payment options right now. Creating a PayPal account is free. But you have a 'Credit Card Only' option with PayPal and you don´t need any account for this method.
No. 22
I have a question which I can't find in the FAQ, how can I ask it ?
You can ask us any question through the contact form or on the live support. We will answer as soon as possible.

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