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A quick price calculation with one of our price calculators will tell you exactly how much you'll need for the ELO you want. We offer Division boosts, win boosts, and placement matches. Division Boost : Enter your current rank which can be found on your summoner profile (ie. Gold III). Next, enter your League Points (LP). Next, decide what ELO you'd like and enter it into the “Desired Rank” box. The cost will be displayed. Win Boost : Enter your current rank which can be found on your summoner profile (ie. Gold III). Next, enter the amount of wins you'd like. The cost will be displayed. Placement Matches : Simply enter the amount of placement matches you need left. A total of 10 placement matches are played to determine your rank afterwards.


Clicking “Buy Boost” will redirect you to Paypal where you're able to select your payment option. A Paypal account isn't required if you have a Credit Card. Paypal is the biggest online payment provider in the world and therefore 100% safe.


Following your purchase you will be redirected to the confirmation page to fill out your League of legends information account. You will receive an email with order details and a link to this confirmation page. Note that a valid email address is required to successfully create your account. You will now be able to access our members area using our “Login” button which is located at the top right of any page on our website. Enter the email address you used and your password from the email. On your account, you can follow your boost by viewing the match history on your account, pause the account if you'd like to use your account during the boost, speak with the booster (via instant message), and view your order's progress.

Boost options

A Division Boost will guarantee the League and Division you've ordered. It will be boosted until your reach the League and Division that you've ordered. This is only available to players who get AT LEAST 12 LP per game. If your LP gain is or becomes lower than 12 you will be given the option to convert your boost to a Win Boost or pay an extra fee to make sure the booster is paid fairly. Our boosting calculators will determine the new price. If you've purchased a Division Boost, you ARE NOT ALLOWED to play any ranked Solo/Duo Queue games on your account until your boost is completed. Your order will be turned into a Win Boost if you do play any ranked Solo/Duo Queue games during the boost.


A loss on your account counts as -1 wins. For example, if you order 10 wins and your booster loses 2, he will provide you with 12 wins. Buying wins must be done for accounts that gain less than 12 LP per win. You ARE NOT ALLOWED to play ranked Solo/Duo Queue games during the boost as long as you PAUSE the order before doing so. You can pause your order any time as long as your booster is not currently in-game. Skipping a division does not affect your Win Boost like it does with a Division Boost. We will continue winning games until your desired amount of net wins have been fulfilled.


10 games will decide your ranking. If you've played 1 game you can order 9 wins. We guarantee that we will win at least 7/10 games. If something happens and we lose more than 3, you will be rewarded with 2+ net wins for every loss after 3 losses. This an excellent boost option to ensure you have the highest ELO possible to begin your journey.


The booster will cumulatively add up to the number of games you have purchased. This is the best way to get past the restriction from ranked and allow you to get back to play ranked games.


This option is 100% safe, as it is allowed by Riot. Once you have chosen your package your order will be processed and you must wait for a booster to be assigned to your order. Once a booster has been assigned, you can arrange the time when both of you are able to play. All our duoq boosters are high Diamond I, Master or Challenger and have a lot of experience at doing their job. Remember you don't buy Net Wins with this option so you have to try your best like our boosters always will.

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