The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to League of Legends: Wild Rift


League of Legends Wilf Rift seems to be a straightforward game. However, once you start looking into everything that the game has to offer, it's easy to get taken aback. The game is very fast-paced, making it difficult for a beginner to follow everything. Therefore, you must consult some Wild Rift (incoming) guides to get the most of the game.

If you are looking for ways to enhance your Legends of League Wild Drift playing experiences, this is the right article for you. This article will find some ways to win the maximum number of games possible as a beginner.


Playing Guide

As League of Legends Wilf Drift has become Open Beta in several countries, competition has become intense. News has it that with the new patch 2.0, the game will get even more competitive. Therefore, you must follow the given guide to win b=more games as a beginner player of Wild Rift.

Understand Different Roles

It is important to remember that Riot has developed five different roles for Wild Rift. These roles are Top, Mid, ADC, Support, and Jungler. A map integrated into the game indicates the different player indicators and lanes that make navigating through the game easier.

The different lanes require different types of champions to be worked with.

·         The Top Lane (Baron lane) requires playing with bruiser champions that have high health endurance.

·         The Mid Lane can be played in with a diverse group of champions. You can choose either an assassin, a fighter, or even burst and control mages.

·         The Bottom Lane (Dragon lane) comprises of support and ADC. ADCs maximize the game’s damage control and help carry the game forward.

The Jungler’s tasks are to fill the streets with ganks and to secure objects such as rift herald and dragons in the river. While you can use any gameplay champion, using the appropriate roles for appropriate situations enhances the gameplay significantly.

Practice with Your Champions

Before you dive into the battles, it is crucial to get acquainted with the champions you’re going to battle with. As a beginner, you will only have a few champions to work with; however, it is best to get used to their playing strategies and controls so that you can better control battle situations.

Following tutorials and playing in practice mode will help you get acquainted with your champions. Practice modes will help you practice combos and even come up with unique moves to perfect your champions.

Main Only Selected Champions

No matter how strong the champion you're playing with is, if you do not know how to operate them, they're useless to you. Therefore, it is best to master a few champions than to play many champions on a mediocre level. Sticking to a role for a long time helps you get aquatinted with the playstyle and your own moves.

Using only one or two champions will help you maximize their utility in Wild Rift. Doing so will help you progress through higher ranks at a faster pace as well.

Experiment with Different Playstyles

No two players prefer playing in the same way. Every player has a unique playstyle. Therefore, if something does not feel comfortable while playing through a guide, make sure to edit according to your taste.

The best way to experiment and get to know your style is by playing in practice mode. Try to test with as many playstyles as you can before choosing the one you like the most. Playing in a comfortable style makes a huge difference in the results of your gameplay.

Complete Daily Goals

Completing daily missions is the right way to receive EXPs and Blue Motes. The more Exp you gain, the further you will advance in the game and get free champions. Completing daily missions will also help you move upwards in the chance to win weekly chests. Following are the three rewards that you can get through weekly chests.

Weekly Chest 1

The weekly chest one is unlocked at 120 points, and you receive the following things through it

·         200 XP

·         Ten poro coins

·         150 blue motes

Weekly Chest 2

The weekly chest two is opened at 240 points, and you receive the following items through it

·         250 XP

·         15 poro coins

·         175 bule motes

Weekly Chest 3

The weekly chest three is unlocked at 400 points, and you receive the following things through it

·         300 XP

·         25 poro coins

·         2000 bule motes

Never Miss In-Game Events

Winning in-game rewards is a rich source of EXPs, coins, and blue motes. None of the in-game events are similar, which means that each game gets you unique rewards. Since most in-game events are time-bound, make sure that you get to play most of them.

Kill the Most Minions

If you decide to play on a farm, killing minions will help you earn EXPs and gold. The more the EXPs you have, the more the edge you will have over your opponents. Therefore, if you see a wave of minions rising towards you, do not ignore them and make sure to kill each one of them. It would be best if you always gave preference to killing a wave of minions over killing a player.

Learn How to Move and Attack at the Same Time

Moving and Attacking at the same time is a crucial thing to learn in League of Legends Wild Rift, especially if you’re a marksman or a laner. The practice mode is the perfect place to advance your skills so that you do not have to make yourself vulnerable to attack while moving. Moreover, you can aim at several targets at once if you can attack as you move.

This is not an easy thing to master for beginners. However, with ample practice sessions, you will learn how to use the positioning wheel along with the attack buttons. You could also apply an auto-attack function repeatedly.


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