Details On The Upcoming Valorant Ping System Overhaul

With Valorant growing and progressing quickly - many new players are jumping on board, and the game's community has been scaling to entirely new heights.


Of course, this means that there are changes pending in order to fine-tune the shooter and respond to some of the feedback that the developers are getting in the process.


And while there are definitely quite a few issues to be addressed - the Riot dev team has been gradually looking more and more at overhauling the game's current ping system.


What's Going On With Pings?

At the end of the day - Valorant is a fast-paced team-based FPS. This means communication is absolutely paramount, and making sure that the game's communication system is seamless and functional is key for the game to succeed and attract the level of popularity that the developers are aiming for.


In today's day and age, voice communication is arguably the most used element in Valorant. However, as any player would know - sometimes it's tough to gather information across the sea of voices ringing out, each having something different to share.


And that's where the ping system kicks into play.


From being able to keep your team in the loop about your intentions to calling out enemy positions, the system packs quite a few convenient features that simplify the game on an informational level.


But while the system you'd find in Valorant is certainly modern and feature-rich, it honestly pales in comparison to other popular titles like Apex and Paladins.


So, What Are The Upcoming Changes?

One of the main gripes that seasoned Valorant players have with the ping system actually has to do with the agent voice-lines simply stating "here" when a particular area of the map is pinged.


If you didn't catch the visual marker, you've got very little clue as to what's going on and where your attention should be focused.


As such, the development team is actively working on introducing new area-specific voice lines to be tied into the TTS radio comms system in Valorant. This means that when a particular area is pinged, the agent would actually call out the area, alongside the visual marker you'd see on the minimap.


In addition to this, another pressing issue is centered around the TTS system's layout and keybinding customizability. To address this, the developers have plans to work in a numerical system that would allow you to actively stay in the fight without losing an informational edge over your opponents.


Closing Thoughts

Ever since Valorant first opened it's doors to the hordes of early adopters, the game has evolved and progresses at a rather staggering pace.


However, it's important to realize that at the end of the day, it's still in its budding stages of development and growth. And that implies more changes on the horizon.


Among the myriad of updates being shipped out, one of the more impactful bits has to do with adding a new breath of life into the existing communication system that Valorant uses.


The Riot Games development team is actively making several small but important updates to improve the informational layer of this new-age FPS, while also making the TTS system far more convenient to use.


In turn, this would simplify gameplay to a degree and improve the competitive experience in-game, making effective communication with your teammates far more intuitive and fruitful.


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