Valorant Duelists – Pick The Right One For Your Playstyle


When it comes to first-person shooting games, dropping frags is on everyone’s priority list. Riot Games, the big brains behind Valorant, are well aware of this sentiment. For that reason, the developers packed the game with more than one dynamic duelist.

Now, let’s be honest — in Valorant, every agent is capable of pulling off an ace or a split-second clutch. However, more often than not, you’ll find the Duelists carrying the team to victory with over 30 frags.

With five powerful Duelists to choose from, the question is, which Duelist should you play? After all, Reyna, Raze, Jett, Phoenix, and Yoru may be equally skilled, but they each have a unique playstyle.

If you’re unsure, worry not! This article has the complete breakdown of Valorant Duelists, so keep reading to find your perfect fit!


Valorant Duelists And Their Playstyles

Good gameplay and high frags depend heavily on playing an agent to their full potential. For instance, if you were to play Reyna minus the god-like aim she needs, you’ll likely see lackluster results.

So, picking an agent that fits your playstyle is critical. Here’s how each agent is best played.


Jett – Mobility-Focused

If you desperately want to play Jett, having watched Twitch streamer “Aceu” or pro-player “Tenz”, you’re not alone. Honestly, we’ve all been there.

However, the harsh truth is that most players simply don’t have the split-second decision-making and mechanics needed to play Jett. Jett’s strongest abilities lie in her speed and mobility as any twitch streamer will tell you.

Jett is an agent capable of finding angles in the game like no other, flinging straight into the air. Along with that, she can dash into and away from a fight in a matter of seconds. Her ultimate too is incredibly handy, even in low economy rounds.

That said, she is an agent that needs precise mechanics and a lot of quick thinking to make good plays. So, try Jett out only if you’re confident you have the above-average technique to utilize all her abilities.

Remember, simply mashing buttons at once and hoping to hit the perfect combination won’t get you anywhere with Jett.


Raze – Damage Dealer

Raze is the saving grace for players who want to frag but can’t aim straight for to save their lives. Raze is by far the simplest Duelist to play of the pack.

Her arsenal is full of abilities that deal damage, from paint shells acting as grenades to her ultimate, a rocket launcher blasting upon contact. Even Raze’s satchels do some amount of damage, albeit mostly used for mobility.

As such, Raze is even capable of clutching a 1v5, provided she has all her kit at her disposal. So if you want to top-frag and do a ton of damage but don’t have the aim for it, rely on Raze.

That said, if you don’t rely much on abilities, Raze probably isn’t the one for you. Raze’s playstyle relies heavily on her abilities, so not using them is a huge waste. Also, if you’re going to use your gun more, you’re better off with abilities Raze doesn’t have, like flashes.


Phoenix – Well-Rounded

Phoenix has a ton of useful skills up his sleeve. However, he does fall short compared to similar abilities from other agents. For instance, Phoenix’s Molotov is excellent for a quick heal. However, it’s not as effective as Brimstone’s fire for dealing damage to opponents.

As such, making the most of Phoenix’s abilities depends on using them right. Master the art of using his skills, and you’ll carry your team to a win even without top-fragging. For instance, you could use his ultimate for a quick scout. Or employ his firewall to create a safe entry for teammates.

Phoenix is perhaps the game’s only agent that isn’t boxed in. Think Reyna, who’s pretty much useless if she isn’t fragging. That said, playing him requires a bit of recklessness, so he’s best suited for more aggressive players.

If you’re playing Phoenix, be prepared to use your Curve flash and entry-frag. If that scares you, you’re better off using Raze’s boom bot to scout locations first.


Reyna – Divider & Conqueror

Reyna, the self-proclaimed Empress, can easily rack up 40-plus kills when played right. Her soul-sucking ability is arguably one of her most useful. Not only does it heal her, but it also gives her a few seconds of invisibility for a quick scout.

Apart from that, Reyna is also extremely skilled at splitting up teams. So players should make the most of her flash, healing and invulnerability to out duel opponents and devour souls. As such, Renya players must be sure of their ability to handle one-on-one gunfights.

As a Reyna player, you should be ready to take on jump scares from opponents in stride. However, you should avoid becoming overconfident when playing the Empress. One mistake a lot of Reyna players make is diving in to tackle multiple opponents at once.

Remember, that’s the quickest way to get eliminated as Reyna. If you’re going to play her, keep your skirmishes small as a rule.


Yoru – Stealth-Based

If you prefer sneaky plays, the kind most often seen with Omen, Yoru may be the right Duelist for you. Yoru’s playstyle often involves mind games to edge out opponents. As such, using his ability to set up a faux-flank presence is a favorite among the more crafty players.

His ultimate, useful for sneaking on to sites invisible, is also incredibly handy. You can easily throw the enemy team into disarray by entering a site unnoticed and slaying one of their members.

While Yoru does most of the work himself, he can be a great team player too. His flash, in particular, is excellent for blinding large areas so teammates can enter and rake in kills. So, all in all, Yoru is best suited for players who enjoy creating controlled chaos.

If you’re someone who likes to barge onto sites and shoot wildly without prior thought, Yoru isn’t for you.


Final Words

Valorant is wholly separate from the League of Legends worlds. The diverse playstyle of Valorant’s many Duelists proves the amount of thought LoL creators, Riot Games, put into the game. The variety means there’s an agent out there for everyone, regardless of skills and shortcomings.

Playing to your full potential in Valorant is all about understanding your playstyle and finding an agent that matches it. Capitalize on said agent’s arsenal, and you’ll have an insane K/D in no time!

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