VALORANT: Best Agents


Riot's brand-new first-person shooter, VALORANT, has wowed the community. Although the game has certain unique features comparable to Overwatch, it focuses more on the narrative than CS: GO.

VALORANT is an agent-based game in which you choose one of 15 agents. Your Agent, like Overwatch or a random MOBA-element game, would be armed with powers. For example, one would be an ultimate, recharged throughout rounds played/kills obtained or by acquiring top orbs.

That said, specific Agents' strengths vastly outweigh those of others. Keeping that in mind, which character should you concentrate on mastering to take control of the server? We've graded every VALORANT Agent to provide you with the definitive tier list. We also have added useful guidelines to aid you along the way!

VALORANT's S-tier Agents


Riot has repeatedly nerfed Jett. Her Blade Storm and Operator modifications came first, followed by the shorter duration of her Cloudburst. She has, however, remained at the top of both professional and recreational play.

Even with the nerfs to her Ultimate, Blade Storm's strength remains unrivaled. It's like receiving a Vandal for free, which may help your team's economy grow. Jett is unstoppable when combined with her hypermobility.

While she provides little benefit to the squad (apart from smoking some angles temporarily), her fragging ability is the strongest in VALORANT, which is why she is ranked first.


Raze is a Dualist who focuses on denying people access to certain areas. All of her skills will put the adversary on the back foot as you focus on getting close and personal with the battle.

It's easy to understand why Raze can be lethal on both Attack and Defense, with a Boom Bot providing critical data, a Blast Pack to propel her into areas that offer her a vertical advantage, and up to two sets of cluster bombs with a devastating radius.

That's not even considering her amazing Ultimate, which is devastating at both close and long ranges. She's been a fixture on all teams, and it's hard to imagine her slipping out of favor unless her grenades are nerfed.


VALORANT's A-tier Agents


Sova has become VALORANT's greatest intel-gathering Agent after the Cypher nerfs. Sure, he's a complicated character, but if you put in the effort to master him, it'll be well worth it.

By perfecting some line-ups with Sova's bolts, the Agent provides a unique perspective on intel gathering that no one else can replicate. His Owl Drone, on the other hand, should not be overlooked. It allows for an excellent 'entry' into a location when paired with an ally.

Only his intricacy prevents him from reaching S-Tier, but he's still an excellent choice. It doesn't matter what line-ups you use or how you utilize them as long as you receive the information your team needs.

Agent Astra

Astra is the VALORANT's newest addition, and she can change the metagame completely. Yes, it has been stated about Skye, and look where they ended up, but Astra is a little different.

Her kit is jam-packed with features, making her a virtual all-in-one controller. Unfortunately, it's more a case of what she can't do, with smokes, stuns, gravity wells, and a massive screen that blocks damage and sound.

For the time being, Astra's intricacy and fragility are the most significant drawbacks. You can't fight back in Astral Form while you've risen. Her kit also necessitates a lot of teamwork.




VALORANT's B-tier Agents


In VALORANT, Cypher was once the King of Intel. However, after Patch 1.11, he was compelled to hand over the throne to Sova. He's still useful but losing his Trapwires after death significantly impacts his power rankings.

He may still act as a one-person army, securing bomb locations with cameras and cages and reporting back to his squad on what he sees — or doesn't see. However, his Neural Theft is also quite helpful in reading opponent moves and forcing them to decide.

A good Cypher is still a vital asset for any team. However, they can no longer do everything, and Sova may perform a better job — even if it's different.


Brimstone's placement in the VALORANT tier list looks to have been a little too hasty. He glided up early in Episode 2 due to a slew of boosts, but he hasn't yet landed on his feet.

He's a lot better than he used to be. He is undoubtedly the finest Agent to have by your side for a rapid site hit, with longer Sky Smokes, a more extended deploy range, and a cheaper Incendiary Molotov. Plus, like U-Hall on Bind, his Orbital Strike ultimate can block off huge areas, providing you a lot of control.


Viper has finally managed to climb out of the abyss. Despite a short nerf in patch 2.09, Riot gave the American controller a lot of love in VALORANT patch 2.06, and she's still a reasonably viable option.

Her new outfit has a lot of potential, despite her previous inflexibility. She can shred opponents rapidly, from retrieving her Poison Cloud smokes to the initial tick of 30 Decay when enemies walk over her Toxins.

Viper finally has a place in the meta, even if she isn't on par with the other controllers. There aren't many smoke Agents who are more prepared to lock down sites on their own.


Final Thoughts

VALORANT is a 5v5 tactical shooter in which each player takes on the role of an "agent." Yoru, Viper, Sova, Skye, Sage, Reyna, Raze, Phoenix, Omen, Killjoy, Jett, Cypher, Brimstone, Breach, and Astra are the fifteen agents present in the game.

Each Agent possesses four distinct talents (including one ultimate). So far, the agent skills range from typical usefulness from realistic shooters like flashbangs and smoke grenades to magical/futuristic themed powers like conjuring walls and radar-like sonic arrows.

Each round, each character is given a free ability to utilize. The two non-ultimate powers must be bought at the gun store during the buy phase, just like a grenade in Counterstrike.

It implies that they have a limited number of uses, and players should use them sparingly. So, for example, you can't spam abilities on cooldown as you can in Overwatch.

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