Top Ranking Valorant Players

Valorant is the new online eSports game causing a sensation in the competitive online gaming world. Pretty recent, but it has already amassed quite the playership from all around the world. The game was launched after causing high anticipation amongst the online gaming aficionados, and with its recent release of the best ranking teams, it is causing quite a buzz.

The list of top-ranking Valorant players from around the world was also announced, and people eagerly anticipate the future competitive events with the game.

Valorant comes from the makers of League of Legends, or popularly known as LoL, so players already had quite the expectations set for it. And Valorant did not disappoint. It is already garnering a lot of daily players, averaging around 3 million players a day, which is quite a feat for such a young game.


What is Valorant

Valorant belongs to the category of online games from the eSports industry and is based on tactical gameplay. The game is set in the near future and features tactical shooting and first-person shooting. The players enter into a group of agents, with one team acting as the Attackers and the other being the Defenders.

The fascinating thing about Valorant is the inclusivity it shows in the gameplay. The characters are expertly designed and inspired by various cultures around the world that feature several countries.

While playing, both the teams shift sides after 12 rounds of play. The goal of the Attackers team is to successfully infiltrate and plant a bomb, which is known as a Spike. The bombs have to be planted in any of the various bomb sites the players will see listed on their maps. The competitive nature and the tactical strategy required for the gaming makes playing Valorant an exhilarating and adventurous experience.

Riot Games is surely making a name with their new releases. Since Valorant is Riot Games' very first attempt at a Competitive Shooter game, it shows quite a lot of promise. Although reaching the ranks of League of Legends might take quite some time, for a new game, Valorant sure isn’t getting left behind.


Top Current Ranking Valorant Player

Valorant released the list of top-ranking teams and players in the NA, and European territories first followed top teams in other regions. The ranked mode that Valorant introduced was met with a lot of success and made everyone curious to see who would land on the top rank.


It is hardly any surprise that TenZ, who was a former CS: GO player reached the top rank in Valorant when the top list of the players from the NA region was released. He has established himself as a very gifted pro gamer and one of the best in the eSports gaming circuit. The 19-year-old is a part of the Cloud 9 roster and has not lost his top 1 rank in NA since the Beta version of the Valorant was closed. His rank was determined by the average combat score, but TenZ is an all-rounder and strives for perfection in other areas as well.

He has left the CS: GO to pursue Valorant professionally and often streams his games on Twitch. Fans are highly anticipating his performance in the competitive gaming circuits and events.


Subroza, unlike the other pro games, mains Yoru, which is one the newest additions to the pool of agent characters in Valorant. Yassine Subroza Taoufik is a player for TSM and has climbed the top ranks of Valorant astonishingly fast. Subroza, too, was a former CS: GO player but has turned to Valorant for professional gaming, and after being taken on by TeamSoloMid, he has shown great potential by consistently ranking in the top ranks of the NA region.


Popular in the circuits of CS: GO for nearly a decade, Spencer "Hiko" Martin has made a lot of success with his plays in Valorant. His style of gaming, which was prominently based on lurking, clutch plays solo site plays, has garnered him a lot of attention. He mostly mains with Agent Breach and is one of the best players who use that particular agent. His team, the 100T caused quite a buzz when they won the First NA Valorant strike event, and there is only potential to climb higher for him.


Wardell is also part of the TeamSoloMid and has helped crucially into taking his team to jigger ranks. He has skill participation of 0.96, cementing him as an indispensable player to TSM and their 1.6 KD ratio is the fruit of Wardell’s labors. The finesse with which he main Jett and Operator might make him the best player for the agents in the world. He has a fundamental role in the group's success and entry into the first Valorant strike event, in which the team reached the grand finale.


Belonging to the Team Liquid, Adil ‘ScreaM’ Benrlitom has made a big name for himself and the team in the eSports gaming circuits. He has a ratio of 1.22 KD and a Headshot Success rate of 39 percent with incredible and astonishing accuracy. He plays Rena with the ease that would be unexpected from playing such an aggressive agent as Rena is not quite in the top picks for pro gamers.


With Breach, Sage, and Jett as the playing agents, ShahZam has been creating a stir with his brilliant tactical gaming. He belongs to the Sentinels Team, and he, too, belonged to the group of former CS: GO players that turned to Valorant for pro gaming.

His clutch rate success separates him from the average of the lot and with a 47 percent rate, which is sure to be a big advantage to the team in future events.


Wrap Up

Since its Beta launch, Valorant has been in the trends, and players have high expectations of how the game is likely to do in the future. Even against established games like DOTA 2 and Overwatch, it will be interesting to see how Valorant holds up with a pool of such talented players.

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