New Trick Allows Cypher To Open The Blind Teleporter Without Being Inside

Doesn't it suck when you get snuck up on by enemy players that camped out in the teleporter? And even if you were entirely aware of their presence, you likely know just how hard it is to kill them while they're in there.


Well if teleporter camping was something that frustrated you, go hop on Cypher and say goodbye to all your teleporter-related woes.


Recently, a VALORANT player and active Redditor, lodi01, found a new trick that allows Cypher to use his spycam to open the teleporter doors, without being anywhere nearby.


What Is The Spycam Trick And How Does It Work?

If you're thinking that this is going to be some kind of crazy exploit or glitch, you can relax, the whole "trick" is actually mind-blowingly simple.


This maneuver revolves around being able to place Cypher's spycam right over the doorframe of the teleporter. Due to some poor collision programming on Riot's end, the spycam actually ends up inside of the teleporter box.


And that's where the magic happens!


Instead of being placed on the other end of the door-frame, the cam will actually sit right overtop of the doors. And rotating the spycam to look right at the doors, and then shooting a tracking dart at them will force them to open as it triggers a collision event.


Just imagine the surprised faces of any players caught camping inside as you rain down a hail of bullets on their sorry butts!


Is This An Intentional Mechanic Or A Bug?

When it comes to figuring out why this is possible, the VALORANT player community is up in arms over whether or not this new Cypher trick is an intentional mechanic or a game-breaking bug that will soon be wiped out in an upcoming patch.


To really get a decent understanding of which side of the argument this trick should belong to, let's figure out how it really works first.


As we've mentioned, the way to trigger the doors to open is to first place down the spycam on the top portion of the door-frame of the teleporter. However, this is where the first interesting thing happens.


Rather than landing on the very top of the doorframe, the camera actually ends up being positioned almost inside of the frame, allowing the player to look through the doors altogether.


Most likely, this in itself was not an intended way to use the spycam, as it seems to be abusing a poorly-thought-out collision box associated with the teleporter's doors or the frame itself.


However, that alone doesn't trigger the doors to open. The "trigger" happens to be the tracking dart that the player shoots out at the doors. In the game's code, the dart itself is likely classified as being either an agent or a sub-demographic of the class, which allows it to inherit some of the properties of an agent entity. And since the teleporter's doors open when an agent passes through from the inside, firing the dart creates this same interaction.


While the interaction between Cypher's tracking dart and the teleporter doors doesn't really abuse any clunky mechanics, it seems to be more on the side of an accidental design mishap. In short, it's likely an edge case interaction that the developers didn't really think through before the game was launched.


Closing Thoughts

So, let's get to the main question - is this Cypher trick here to stay? Or is it going to become old news by the time the next patch rolls around?


While this trick definitely added a hearty bit of spice to today's VALORANT meta, it's unlikely that it's going to stick around. This is because both of the key interactions involved in making this trick possible seem to be design mistakes on the developers' end.


However, when it comes to answering the question of "how long 'till it's gone?" That's an entirely different story, and will likely depend on how strongly this trick impacts ranked match-making statistics.


So, if you're looking to rank up quickly, go jump on Cypher and blast away some foolish enemy players that choose to camp out in the teleporter. And if you've missed the train - don't worry, check out our VALORANT boosting services to get some help in ranking up quickly. Every single one of our boosting jobs is done by an expert VALORANT player, and we guarantee that you're going to walk away happy and satisfied with the entire experience.


With that, we wish you the best of luck in your matchmaking!

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