A Guide to Valorant: Download and Valorant Agents


Are you among those gaming enthusiasts that have heard a lot about Valorant but never got a chance to be a part of this Valorant world? If yes, then you don't have to worry because this guide will provide you with detailed information about this game.

It is essential to understand a few aspects before heading towards the battlefield of Valorant. From compatibility with PC to download it to your PC, there are certain things you need to consider for achieving the best gaming experience with every match.

Here are the complete details about Valorant and its specifications that made it a popular game even before the launch.


Procedure to Download Valorant

For downloading Valorant, you don't have to spend a lot of effort, and it can be done easily by following a simple process. You have to just visit the Valorant website and click on the 'Play Now' option. It will ask you to either login into your existing account or make a new account with Riot Games if you don't have one.

After successful sign-up or login, you will move towards a page where you will get the option to download the game. Click on the ‘Download’ button and run the ‘Install VALORANT .exe’ file. Then, you will be guided to the installation process.

Apart from the game, you also have to install Vanguard and Valorant's anti-cheat client. These apps will run in the background while you will play the game.


Requirements to Run Valorant on PC

Valorant is designed in such a manner that it supports a wide variety of PC hardware. However, the capacity and power of your system will affect the frame rate, and ultimately, the gaming experience. You can get more frames if you have advanced and beefier hardware, and the game doesn't require a large amount of horsepower to improve its output.

For 30 Frames per Second

·         CPU- Intel Core 2 Duo E8400

·         GPU- Intel HD 4000

For 60 Frames per Second-

·         CPU- Intel i3-4150

·         GPU- Geforce GT 730

For 144 and More Frames per Second

·         CPU- Intel Core i5-4460 3.2 GHz

·         GPU- GTX 1050 Ti

PC Hardware Required

·         Windows 7/8/10 64-Bit

·         4GB RAM

·         1GB of VRAM


Valorant Agents

Valorant is a 5v5 tactical shooter where every gamer plays in the form of a character called an 'agent.' Currently, fourteen agents are present in the game, Breach, Phoenix, Bristone, Cypher, Killjoy, Jett, Omen, Raze, Reyna, Sage, Sova, Skye, Viper, and Yoru.

Every agent is assigned with four unique abilities, of which one is the ultimate one. The range of abilities is from realistic shooters to traditional utility but further includes magical themed abilities such as sonic arrows acting as a radar.

Working of Valorant Abilities

Every character of Valorant possesses some sort of abilities that they can use in each round. The other two unique non-ultimate abilities are not available for free, and you need to purchase them from the gun shop of Valorant. This facility is accessible to gamers in a specific buy phase where you can also purchase a grenade for counterstrikes.

But every player needs to remember the fact that Valorant characters have limited abilities, and it is essential to use them properly and in a conservative manner. The game doesn't allow the spamming of the abilities at the time of cooldown, which is present in the Overwatch game.

For casting an ultimate ability, you have to accumulate skill points in a specified amount. You can gain the skill points at places around the map, and your team members will also get one skill point each. The two other areas from which you can acquire the skill points include killing, which gives 1 point for every kill, and the other one is to keep moving ahead to other rounds that will fetch you some points.


A Few More Important Points

·         You have to remember that you cannot choose more than one character at a single time. This means that on the battlefield, your team members have to pick different characters, and two similar characters cannot participate. Hence, each team player has to pick distinct Valorant agents.

·         In the beginning, you will not get all of the agents. You have to play with a set of starter agents. The rest of the Valorant agents can be unlocked by earning the battle pass or progression system. The players of League of Legends will be able to connect with this system as it is identical to that of blue essence in LoL.

·         If you are currently playing the closed beta version of Valorant, then your progress may vanish with the actual launch of the game. It will be reset, and you have to start from the beginning. Riot Games has given the explanation to this thing and said that Valorant's gameplay would change with the launch, and hence, the company has decided to keep the players at a similar playing field level.

·          Now, you will surely be worried about your purchases made in the closed beta. Then, you don’t have to think much about it because only the cosmetics you have purchased will not be carried forward. For the skins, players will get a refund with in-game currency and an additional 20% bonus. In case you have spent 2000 Valorant points in the beta version, then in the launched game, you will get 2400 Valorant Points to spend.

·         Most players think that Valorant characters are similar to that of League of Legends Valoran. But it is not right. Valorant is based in an imaginative area of the near-future Earth. Hence, it is not at all the same to the world of League of Legends.


Wrapping Up                                           

Valorant is a game that gained immense popularity even before it was launched. This single fact is enough to show the craze of Valorant among the gamers. In this short but comprehensive Valorant guide, we have furnished every detail necessary for both installing the game as well as for playing with Valorant agents.

Now, you have known the minute details in which you and your team can perform well on the battlefield and how you can gain some important points for opening all the Valorant agents and taking your team to victory.




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