TFT Galaxies Battlepass II - Exploring The Tiers, Cost, Rewards & More

Among a tsunami of updates that rolled up with the mid-set 3 patch, the TFT player base was graced with yet another Battlepass which offered a juicy batch of prospective rewards to those dedicated enough to grind it out.


And while the rewards were definitely pretty appealing - are they really worth the grind?


In today's post, we'll be taking a closer look at the "under the hood" of the Galaxies Battlepass 2 to see how well it really stacked up to the player base's expectations and whether or not it was the money and grind after all.


Let's dive right in!


How Much Does This Battlepass Cost?

First and foremost - the pass itself comes at a nice and comfy price of "FREE."


But don't get confused - there are actually two tracks in the pass!


One is the free track - no strings attached, but you'll only have access to a limited pool of potential rewards. The second is the Pass+ track that runs with a tag of 1,295 RP (the rough equivalent of $10 US) in the Riot Store.


Now, for some of us, that $10 isn't something to scoff at - so what's the redemptive value that the pass offers upfront?


As you unlock the pass, it comes with new booms, little legends, boards, and way more extras - all of which more than cover your initial investment while providing a healthy return in terms of the rewards you'll cop while completing the pass content.


And here's the best bit. If you've lagged behind or simply weren't sure that the pass and its content are for you - you can actually still purchase the pass, without missing any of the rewards.


If you've been playing through the pass content, purchasing the Pass+ track allows you to unlock all of the "premium" rewards that you would have unlocked up to the point you're at.


How Many Tiers Are There?

In a similar fashion to the Battlepass that we saw roll out with set 3, the Galaxies Battlepass II has a total of 33 tiers for you to play through.


To progress through each of the tiers, players will need to play match after match of TFT with the goal of placing higher among the other players in order to receive more Battlepass EXP.


The Pass+ track offers rewards at each of the 33 tiers to keep players motivated between levels. On the other hand, the free track only offers rewards at 10 tiers.


And did we mention the fact that the Pass+ track also gives you some extras in addition to the rewards?

What Rewards Does The Galaxies Battlepass II Offer?

The Galaxies Battlepass II offers a large variety of cosmetic rewards that can really take your TFT experience to the next level.


From cute little legends to epic booms, cool boards, and more - this pass has good a solid reward pool for you to grind for.


Here's a list of the rewards you'll unlock at each of the 33 Pass+ tiers:

1.    Random Emote (FREE)

2.    Star Piercer Boom I

3.    Random Emote (FREE)

4.    Immortal Creature Egg

5.    Star Piercer Boom II

6.    Burn Bright Starlight Boom I

7.    Random Emote (FREE)

8.    Star Guardian Silverwing I

9.    Star Piercer Boom III

10.    Random Emote (FREE)

11.    Little Legend Egg (Series I - V)

12.    Super Mega Death Rock Boom I

13.    Little Legend Egg (Series I - V) (FREE)

14.    Void Spikes Boom I

15.    Super Mega Death Rock Boom II

16.    Random Emote (FREE)

17.    Spaceship Arena

18.    Burn Bright Starlight Boom II

19.    Dreadnova Arena (FREE)

20.    Void Spikes Boom II

21.    Little Legend Egg (Series I - V)

22.    "Stop That!" Emote (FREE)

23.    Super Mega Death Rock Boom III

24.    Void Spikes Boom III

25.    Immortal Creature Egg

26.    Little Legend Egg (Series I - V) (FREE)

27.    Burn Bright Starlight Boom III

28.    Star Guardian Silverwing II

29.    Little Legend Egg (Series I - V) (FREE)

30.    Little Legend Egg (Series I - V)

31.    Immortal Creature Egg

32.    Immortal Creature Egg

33.    Legendary Tier Little Legend Egg (Series I - VI)


BONUS: When you buy the Pass+ track, you instantly unlock the Star Guardian Sprite.


When Does The Galaxies Battlepass II Expire?

If you're wondering how long you've got to grind out the rewards available in this Battlepass - the official date so far coaligns with the planned end-date of Set 3, September 16, 2020.


The Set 3 Galaxies Battlepass II will be superseded by Patch 10.19 and Set 4.


As such, if you're still not far along the track, you've got just over a month to jump in-game and make things happen. On the other hand, if you've been playing through the tiers on the free track - now's the perfect time to get into the Pass+ track to receive all of the missed rewards before the end of the set.

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