What Happened In League Of Legends Patch 10.9?

In LoL Season 10, patch 10.9 was one of the most anticipated patches in the lineup. Many players were excited to see Trundle and Karthus being nerfed, while champions like Cho'Gath and Kayn may finally become play-viable again thanks to several expected buffs.


To help you understand what changes were made on April 29, and get you all caught up with the state of the game today, we're going to break down the patch notes and elaborate on what we're most excited about as LoL boosters.


Let's dive right in!


LoL Patch 10.9 Changes Overview

While there is a fair amount of changes being made, to help you digest the gist of the information in a far easier manner, we've gone ahead and categorized the changes as system changes, nerfs, and buffs.


Let's go over the gist of the changes and give you a quick introduction to our player skill brackets and how they translate to soloque rank divisions.


System Changes:

·   Buff to Sanguine Blade


Champion Nerfs in Patch 10.9:

·   Wukong

·   Karthus

·   Trundle

·   Bard

·   Nami


The nerfs in LoL patch 10.9 mostly affect the skilled, elite, and pro demographics. Nami is the only outlier, being one of the most over-powered support champions in the average player bracket.


Nami was mainly nerfed due to her overwhelming performance in the average bracket. Whereas champions like Karthus, Wukong, and Bard are getting the nerf-hammer due to their incredible pressure potential in the elite skill bracket.


As an edge-case, Trundle is only getting nerfed in this patch due to his lack of balance in competitive play. And while this is a rational nerf, we hope that Trundle won't fall off the face of the world in a similar manner to the Akali nerfs of Patch 10.3.


Champion Buffs in Patch 10.9:

·   Kayn

·   Lissandra

·   Fiddle (Support role)

·   Quinn

·   Gnar

·   Cho'Gath


Unlike the nerfs, the buffs provide a more or less universal benefit, regardless of the skill bracket. And while occasionally, changes made are geared towards a particular player demographic, this patch brings buffs that are genuinely useful across the board.


Player Skill Brackets Explained

Rather than breaking the impact of patch-by-patch changes down across each of the 26 rank brackets in the game, here at LoL-EloBoosting, we generally make use of a player skill bracket system.


This system generalizes player skill groups based on their rank, according to the experience of our pro and challenger players.


Here are the player skill brackets we use when evaluating changes:

1.    Average - This bracket includes players ranked between Iron 4 and Gold 1

2.    Skilled - This bracket focuses on slightly more experienced players ranked between Platinum 4 and Diamond 2

3.    Elite - This bracket features highly skilled players that are ranked between Diamond 1 and Challenger

4.    Pro - Of course, many professional players deserve a league of their own, and as such we have a separate bracket for them, as their meta differs substantially from the core community meta.


Closing Thoughts

Patches in League of Legends are always chock full of changes that impact the game's eco-system and regularly garner a lot of support and disdain from the player base simultaneously.


However, breaking down the information and figuring out if and how it will impact your own gameplay can be a challenging task. That's why in today's post, we've decided to cover the most recent round of changes introduced with Patch 10.9 to help you assess whether or not it's going to change how you play the game.


Did this patch nerf one of your main champions? Are you feeling stuck in soloque because of the changes made? Don't worry - we've got your back!


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