A Comprehensive Overview Of The Changes Coming In LoL Patch 10.13

With behind the scenes testing having been rolled out on PBE, Patch 10.13 is looking fresher than ever. And even though, we've already given you a sneak peek of the Conqueror nerf coming up in the June 24 patch - there's just so much more to cover.


That's why today, we're here to give you a comprehensive overview of the most drastic changes that you'll be seeing once LoL Patch 10.13 goes live later this month.


A TLDR Of What's Coming

Before we get into the meat and bones of each change, here's a brief list of the updates that you should probably keep an eye on for the upcoming patch.

·   Death's Dance is being nerfed hard.

·   Yuumi, Cassiopea, Aphelios, Ornn, and Kalista are being nerfed.

·   Syndra is getting a second nerf to follow up on the last patch's changes.

·   Ryze, Lucian, Gnarr, Vi, Yorick, and Nocturne are being buffed up.

·   The Conqueror keystone is being nerfed.

·   Kog'Maw and Nunu will receive different scaling AP ratios to rebalance their build order.

·   Medical skins are receiving a VFX update and chromas to celebrate healthcare workers battling the global pandemic.


A Detailed Look At The LoL Patch 10.13 Changes

Now that we've taken a quick peek at what's lined up, let's look at the nitty-gritty details behind the changes announced for LoL Patch 10.13.


System Changes

1.    Conqueror Rune Nerf - The max stacks are being bumped up to 12 from the prior 10 and the adaptive power granted will be downscaled to 1.7-4.2. This change forces the champions that are dependent on the rune to play a more drawn out fight, rather than exercise bursty dominance in lane.

2.    Death's Dance Nerf - The stored damage for ranged champions is being cut in half, and ranged AD champions will now see 10% rather than the previous 20% from this item.

3.    Guardian Nerf - The shield base is being reduced to 70-150 instead of 80-200.


Champion Nerfs

1.    Yuumi - Riot is bumping her E's mana cost to 40-60+15% of her max mana instead of the flat 100-160 that players saw in the past.

2.    Syndra - Dark Sphere will now cost 60-80 mana versus the old values of 40-80, making her Q a little less spammy in the early game.

3.    Ornn - Brittle damage is being nerfed to 12% max HP rather than 10-18%.

4.    Cassiopeia - Her Magic Resistance (MR) is going down to 32 from 34, meaning she will be a little less survivable in the laning phase, giving other mage champions a chance to stop her strong snowball.

5.    Aphelios - His AD per level is going up to 2, instead of 1.73, but his R crit bonus is now going down to 20% from 50%. In addition to this, Aphelios' Crescendum won't refresh chakram duration when hitting epic monsters (Baron, Drakes, Elder & Rift Herald).

6.    Kalista - Her AD per level is going down to 3.5 instead of 4, which is only a marginal nerf and we expect Kalista to stay quite strong.


Champion Buffs

1.    Nocturne (Jungle) - Passive procs on monsters will now give double CDR as they would when proccing on enemy champions.

2.    Gnarr - His Hop (E) attack speed bonus is being bumped up to 40-60% instead of 20-60%.

3.    Lucian - The range of Piercing Light (Q) is being scaled up to 1,000 instead of the previous 900.

4.    Yorick - The leash range on Yorick's ultimate is being reduced down to 700 from 900, however, the Maiden will now follow you when you leave this range.

5.    Ryze - His magic resist is scaling up to 36, making him even tankier and his base Attack Damage (AD) is being bumped up to 58 from the past 56.

6.    Vi - The cooldown of her Vault Breaker (Q) is being reduced down to 6 at the max level, from the previous 8, making her a lot more viable in team fights and skirmishes.

7.    Rakan - He is gaining an extra 20 damage at the maximum level of his Grand Entrance, along with 70% of his AP.


Other Initiatives For LoL Patch 10.13

Aside from the changes we've outlined above, the Riot Games development team has been hard at work to bring a few more exciting tweaks to life alongside the usual nerfs and buffs.


One of these is the new Reporting & Muting functionality that you'll find inside of the Champion Select screen when starting a game. This allows you to report toxic and inappropriate conduct by other players right away, rather than having to wait until the game is over.


In addition to this, the dev team is playing around with AP Offbuilds. As players may know - AP reliant champions don't have that much variance in their build routes, and in an effort to bring more diversity into the game, Patch 10.13 will feature experimental tweaks for Kog'Maw and Nunu that would alter their suggested builds.


Kog'Maw is getting a bump of an added 0.2 AP ratio on his Q, whereas his R is getting an additional 0.1.


In a similar fashion, Nunu will be seeing a bump of 0.15 for the AP ratio on his Q, as well as a bump of 0.3 on the Q healing. Topping this off, his R will now receive a shield that works around an AP ratio of 1.5 too.


Closing Thoughts

Undeniably, each and every patch in League of Legends brings about some exciting changes that impact the current state of the game and help push it to new heights.


LoL Patch 10.13 is no exception to this!


In today's article, we've given you a comprehensive top-down overview of the most important changes coming to the live servers on June 24, 2020. From the buffs and nerfs to system changes and new game mechanics that the development team is trying to work into the game - if you're kept up with us until this point in the article, you should now have a good grasp of what you'll need to keep an eye on and how these changes may impact your gameplay.


With that, we wish you luck on the Summoner’s Rift!


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