TSM submits support “Biofrost” for approval

After tryouts in South Korea for the support position, TSM has submitted Vincent "Biofrost" Wang to Riot Games for approval to fill the role, sources close to Riot and the team tell.

Biofrost will replace previous support Bora "YellOwStaR" Kim, who recently rejoined his former team, Fnatic, in Europe.

Biofrost trialed for the team in Korea alongside a handful of players, but most notably two other supports, former KT Rolster support Lee "IgNar" Dong-geun and former G2 Esports support Glenn "Hybrid" Doornenbal. The latter received an offer from the team of roughly $250,000, according to sources. However, he chose to continue playing in Europe with Origen. The former is still in communication with TSM but his current status is unknown.

Prior to signing on with the SoloMid organization, Biofrost was a member of Challenger squad Dream Team. After the split ended and it became apparent that YellOwStaR would depart, Biofrost was contacted by TSM interim head coach Parth Naidu before the organization spoke to Dream Team.

Nonetheless, the drama between the two broke out on Twitter, causing most of the community to find out about Biofrost trying out for the position. TSM then released an announcement saying it would try out the support in South Korea during its boot camp.

The boot camp took place over the month of April and early May, with Biofrost becoming the choice for the squad. Adding a rookie to the roster lined up with the philosophy of what the organization stated in a recent interview. Owner Andy "Reginald" Dinh admitted it was better to train talent than buy the best talent.

With the addition of Biofrost, TSM joins the list of the teams that have completed their rosters in the North American League Championship Series.

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