The Best Champions To Play In League Of Legends Patch 10.12

Just like every single League of Legends patch, the rollout of patch 10.12 made some big waves.


From massive nerfs to crazy buffs and wild gameplay changes - this patch had it all.


As such, it's no wonder that the META of what champions dominate in any given lane got a bit shaken up.


So, if you're struggling to figure out which champions you should be spamming in any given role for maximum ELO gain - we're here to help you out as usual!


Keep reading to learn about the strongest and the best champions to play in LoL Patch 10.12. We'll give you a lane by lane breakdown, give you the down-low on why we picked the champions we did, and hopefully get you going on your way to Challenger.


Let's dive right in!


The Best Top-Lane Champion - Darius

When it comes to being a menace in the top-lane, it's hard to think of anyone but Darius.


And while he's dominated this role practically ever since he was released thanks to his unstoppable snowball potential and crazy kit, this patch definitely makes him even more lethal.


Why did we pick him?


First and foremost - Darius has absolutely insane damage potential and incredible survivability, which gives him the freedom to play his lane in any which way that he wants and still make it out on top with only a small CS lead or a single kill.


In addition, his item setup is fairly linear across most team comps and there's very little counterplay potential when it comes to versing him in lane.


And ever since Ghost's movement speed buff duration has been extended by 4-7 seconds per champion takedown, Darius has been scarier than ever before.


However, there is one downside - he gets banned 41.56% of the time. But if you do manage to pick him in a game, you're on quite the high horse.


Alternative power-picks:

·   Maokai

·   Fiora

·   Wukong

·   Garen


The Best Jungler In Patch 10.12 - Graves

Undoubtedly, Graves is one of the most popular junglers thanks to his quick camp clear and stellar damage output that scales well throughout the course of the game.


In fact, he was such a menace in the jungle that he caught a nerf in Patch 10.12 that brought his AD ration down to 80% from the previous whopping 100% he used to enjoy.


However, this didn't even come close to slowing down his snowball.


Why did we pick him?


One of Graves' main advantages as a jungler is his ranged kit. This kit allows him to kite out jungle camps and pull off effortless ganks with some amazing kill-pressure from his Smoke Screen and auto-attack resets.


And when you consider that he also has one of the highest burst damage kits in the game, it's not hard to see why his power-spike can be hard to shut down.


Alternative picks:

·   Zac

·   Ekko

·   Elise


The Best Mid-Lane Champion: Yasuo

While Yasuo is definitely simultaneously one of the most beloved and hated champions in the League of Legends champion pool - there's no denying the fact that he's amazingly strong.


And while he did catch a recent nerf that made him a little less tanky and far more reliant on his passive to stay alive in the mid-lane, he's just as strong as ever.


Why did we choose him?


First and foremost, did we mention insane damage?


Thanks to Yasuo's relatively simple kit, even low-skill players can pull off some stunning team-kills and champion takedowns with very little effort.


However, interestingly, his recent nerf is a bit of a two-sided coin. If you're able to play around his passive, Yasuo is actually far tankier now as his shield did get buffed substantially. This means you can take more poke in lane and survive quite a few of the all-in trades that would otherwise be his bane in previous patches.


In addition to this, his knock-up-reliant ultimate pairs incredibly well with just about any team comp in the game, which really gives him a lot of impact in the late early game, midgame, and onwards.


Alternative picks:

·   Fizz

·   Kassadin

·   Talon


The Best ADC In Patch 10.12: Ezreal

If you've been keeping up with the recent bot-lane META, you've likely seen quite the influx of burst mages and assassins in the ADC role.


This sort of META absolutely stomped out classic ADC champions like Ashe and Miss Fortune, while favoring "cheeze picks" like Cassiopeia, Ziggs, and Yasuo.


However, despite the changes introduced in Patch 10.11 that balanced that interaction out to make traditional ADC's a bit more viable again - one hidden threat remained - Ezreal.


Why did we pick him?


Ezreal sits perfectly in-between being a traditional ADC and a true caster thanks to his diverse, versatile and hyper-viable kit.


He has amazing poke with his Mystic Shot into Essence Flux combo. And his Arcane Shift gives him all the safe space in the world, allowing him to really gain control of any trades that happen in lane while having the option to nope out at any time or swoop in for the kill.


He also has an amazingly consistent early game, which added together with his lane-bully kit make him one of the best champions to capitalize on the slightest mistakes made by your opponents early on and snowball from it.


Alternative picks:

·   Caitlyn

·   Vayne

·   Varus


The Best Support Champion: Yuumi

Yuumi is probably one of the most unique (and most hated) champions in the League of Legends champion pool at the moment.


She has an infuriatingly relaxed playstyle thanks to her ability to attach herself to a "taxi" champion while buffing their stats, while still being able to heal, poke and stun on demand.


However, while that's already stellar, she really shines when players find opportunities to switch between teammates in drawn-out engagements or team fights.


Why did we pick her?


Undeniably, Yuumi is one of the most versatile supports. She has enough of everything you'd want your support to have - whether it's poke, buffing, healing, or even solid CC, this magical cat can do it all.


And unlike other popular supports that rely on having some semblance of skill, Yuumi is mind-blowingly simple to play, without sacrificing any of her potential.


Alternative picks:

·   Leona

·   Thresh / Blitzcrank

·   Bard


Closing Thoughts

While it's no secret that each and every patch brings about some serious changes in the League of Legends META - Patch 10.12 really managed to shake things up.


Unsurprisingly, many players saw their previous top picks fall out of favor and use, and new tough matchups rise up.


So, to help you navigate the new LoL Patch 10.12 META a little easier, and climb the ranked latter as efficiently as possible - we've given you our list of the best champions to play in Patch 10.12.


However, if you're still having some trouble climbing with the champions that we laid out above, don't worry. We can help!


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