Senna Turns Into A Full-Fledged ADC & Yasuo Becomes Less Tanky In Patch 10.12

If you've been keeping up with the recent patch notes and announcements from the Riot Games developer team - you likely already know that Patch 10.12 is set to bring some amazing new gameplay elements that will upset the META we've seen play out so far in this season.


Namely, there are two very important and interesting changes coming that have the community in a bit of an uproar.


First and foremost, the popular support champion, Senna, is set to become a tried and true AD carry. And paired with that role-swap comes Yasuo, who is now going to become a little less survivable as one of the best midlane champions in Season 10.


Let's take a second to break down both changes and take a deeper look at what they could mean for the state of the game as we know it.


Senna ADC? Really?

Senna has been a dominant force when it comes to powerful supports thanks to her flexible kit and fantastic damage sustain in lane. This is especially true for the early phases of the game where a Senna lane has some crazy kill potential against some more curve-reliant ADCs that need to farm up before they can be a real threat.


And with how flexible Senna is, unsurprisingly, there have been quite a few players that decided to duke it out with her as an ADC.


Where this was previously a bit of an off-meta pick, thanks to the changes coming in LoL Patch 10.12, it's actually going to become more than just somewhat viable. It's official - Senna ADC is going to be a META play!


In order to facilitate this role change, Riot is buffing Senna's soul regeneration to 8.333% on kill. In addition to this, the Redeemer's attack speed is set to jump up from the prior 0.2 to 0.35.


These changes make Senna a far more apt duelist and give her more incentive to focus on farming up.


Yasuo & The Nerf-Buff

When it comes to the changes Riot has laid out for Yasuo in Patch 10.12, the community is still up in arms over the "huge" nerf coming down on this fabled midlaner.


His base health value is going to drop down to 490 from the previous 523. However, to compensate for this, Riot is going to scale up his passive shield to 130-530 rather than the 110-510 we've seen in past patches. Overtop of this, Wind Wall is going to see a cooldown bump which would bring it up to a total of 30 seconds at level 1.


But, is this really a nerf?


Post-patch Yasuo players are going to have to play a lot more around their passive to survive the laning phase. So, undeniably, this would push Yasuo's skill-cap a bit higher than it used to be. However, with lower-skilled Yasuo mains plaguing the lower ELO brackets, this change might just give them that much less incentive to play this champ, as they'll have a tough time surviving each lane they dive-bomb into.


All jokes aside, Yasuo players are definitely going to take a big hit and will have to put in all the extra effort in the world to really shine in the midlane. However, as they say, with great effort comes great reward. And with Yasuo's kill-potential and dominance still entirely intact, this could prove to be an excellent opportunity for players to really polish up on their laning mechanics in order to really exploit everything his kit has to offer.


Closing Thoughts

The LoL Patch 10.12 reveal brought about quite the buzz. Amidst the regular schedule of buffs and nerfs two champions are receiving some changes that are set to uproot the existing meta.


From the fact that Senna is now going to be a full-fledged ADC to nerfs that are poised to slow down the Yasuo snowball in midlane, we've covered the crux of the changes to give you the low-down on what the LoL botlane META may look like once these changes roll out.


With that, we wish you the best of luck on the rift! And remember, with the season gradually nearing its end, our professional LoL boosters are always here to help you get the rank you deserve. We serve nearly all regions and have expert professional players on-staff around the clock to help you rank up.

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