Riot Unveils New Feature To Punish AFK & Troll Players In LoL

Chances are if you've played more than a single game of League of Legends - you probably already know just how frustrating and downright infuriating getting an AFK or troll player on your team can be.


Seemingly, these players jump into the game with the sole purpose of ruining your whole playing experience. And with the staggering number of incidents being reported every year - it seems that soft warnings, slaps on the wrist and temporary bans just aren't cutting it any longer.


It's been clear for a long time that the LoL player base wants something done to combat these types of players. However, over the years Riot just didn't seem to be able to put together an effective solution.


That is until they decided to lift the veil on a new set of in-game features that they're putting in place to weed out trolling and AFK players for good.


What Are The New Anti-AFK & Anti-Troll Features In LoL?

While Riot hasn't explicitly outlined every detail on the new features - the developers have already rolled out some updates on the PBN environments across the globe.


The first of these is an option to mute toxic and trolling players during the champion select phase of each LoL match. Added to this comes an option to report a player before the game even starts. However, it's evident that reports aren't processed instantly, meaning you'll still have to play out the match before any action would really be taken to punish the offender.


Riot has also made some very clear updates to the "summoner's code" to outline what is and is not deemed as acceptable behavior inside of the game. This indicates that Riot is serious about ramping up the level of punishment that they'll be dishing out to offenders. And one of the nicer changes is the fact that trolling and going AFK are now outlined far more explicitly when compared to the previously ambiguous terminology.


So, while you may not always be able to rid yourself and your team of a toxic player before the game starts - they're definitely in for a decent degree of punishment should they choose to keep trolling or leave the game altogether.


Enhanced Automated Detection Technology - A New Era Of LoL?

While the changes we covered earlier aren't exactly groundbreaking (rather being a step up from prior conditions) - the new "automated detection technology" is the centerpiece of what's coming to combat toxic players.


Effectively, this system will have the ability to automatically detect and punish players that are evidently trying to lose the match for their team or are going AFK for any given reason.


But that's just the starting line!


Riot has explicitly mentioned that once the technology is released, it will be trained on both of these "easily identifiable" behaviors in order to be used for a much broader scope of automatic moderation in the not-so-far future.


Closing Thoughts

With AFK players and other forms of toxicity being a key problem in today's League of Legends community - Riot is finally taking some much-needed steps in order to combat these destructive behaviors.


With some smaller changes being implemented as an interim solution, the developer has a groundbreaking in-game technology in the works that is set to drive a whole new era of automated in-game moderation for one of the most popular online games in today's day and age.


And while there are no concrete timelines to be mentioned as of yet, the player community is abuzz with excitement over the prospect of toxicity being gradually weeded out of the game.


Now that we've covered the details - it's our turn to hear from you. What's the most toxic behavior that you've run into during a game of League? Let us know in the comments below!



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