New Conqueror Nerf Inbound In LoL Patch 10.13

Undeniably, runes are a hugely important part of the League of Legends ecosystem.


From the day the game first opened it's doors to excited players to today's evolved and modernized version of the Rift, runes have been the driving force behind META builds and champion dominance.


And among all of the modern runes available to players - Conqueror definitely stands out as one of the most potent and powerful picks.


What Does The Conqueror Rune Do In LoL?

As a rune, Conqueror is actually pretty darn versatile. It's useful for champions in almost any role, and is especially dominant for certain toplaners, AD midlane picks and AD carries.


So, how does the Conqueror keystone work?


First and foremost, this is yet another "stacking" rune. This means that you'll gradually gain stacks, up to 10, as you attack an enemy champion. In the case of the Conqueror rune, you'll be awarded with adaptive force for each stack you have.


However, while the damage buff alone is already pretty awesome - the Conqueror rune really shines once you hit max stacks.


Once a player gathers all 10 stacks, they are then healed for a percentage of the damage they deal. In the case of ranged champions, they are healed for 8%, while melee champions can enjoy a much more rewarding 15%.


Sounds pretty sweet, huh?


How Is Conqueror Being Nerfed In LoL Patch 10.13?

Well, apparently the Riot devs think that Conqueror along with its big boy damage and heals is a little too sweet of a deal.


As such, they're currently play-testing a few nerfs.


Here's what's coming for Conqueror:

1.    Max stacks are increased from 10 to 12 - this would increase the time it takes to stack the keystone and receive the bonus heals. In turn, bursty champions will have a slightly lower damage output and shotgun potential with this rune.

2.    The adaptive force granted per stack is going to drop down from 2-5 to 1.7-4.2 - effectively, the final amount of adaptive force stays the same at max stacks, but the values are stretched out to accommodate the two additional stacks.


Effectively, the implication here is that the Conqueror keystone will now be that much more geared towards prolonged or drawn-out trades, rather than bursty combos and one-shots.


However, it's important to keep in mind that the essence of how the rune works, which is what makes it so amazing, isn't changing at all. You still receive amazing damage buffs and a stellar heal overtop of it all.


The only thing that's really changing is the champion-fit and the sort of playstyle that is optimal to make the best use of this rune.


When Is The Conqueror Nerf Coming?

This nerf is scheduled to roll out with League of Legends Patch 10.13, which is set to go live on June 24th 2020.


The development team is pretty dead-set to keep up with their release schedule despite the global pandemic.


Closing Thoughts

For a long time, Conqueror was one of the most versatile and most powerful runes that saw extensive use across all lanes and roles on the Rift.


However, in the eyes of the LoL development team - Conqueror was just a little too powerful.


In today's article, we've covered the crux of the nerf coming to this fantastic rune in the upcoming LoL Patch 10.13. If you've kept up with us this far, you should have a good idea of what you'll need to do to use the rune to its fullest after the nerf and how to abuse the changes to faceroll players that haven't caught on.


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