LoL Development Team Openly Admits That Yuumi Was A Mistake!

Undeniably, Yuumi is one of the most rage-inducing and imbalanced champions to have ever hit the game.


Ever since she was first released in Season 9, Yuumi has been on the chopping block on practically too many occasions to count. She's been an utter disappointment, a speed-funnel ultra carry, a decent support, and an absolute buff-bot over the course of her season-long stint.


And with her win-rate constantly swinging between 30% and 60% between updates and tweaks - Riot has finally weighed in on the community's request to delete Yuumi from the game, to announce what the community has known for a long time. Yuumi was a mistake!


What's Happening With Yuumi?

While "mistake" may be a little strongly worded, Riot openly admits that the state Yummi is in right now hasn't been all to healthy for the League of Legends meta. She's simply not balanced enough to provide for a good fit against the other 147 champions in the game at this time.


Given a stunning number of unique interactions that Yuumi has with all of the various champions in the game, most players have found her to be insanely difficult to fully master.


However, despite the steep learning curve, whether a skilled player is behind the controls or not, Yuumi is an absolute nuisance to play against due to the fact that there are practically no ways to really counterplay her in lane.


Yuumi's Chopping-Block Track Record

With a series of Yuumi nerfs that landed in Patch 10.13 having relatively positive effects, the game's developers are once again eager to put her on the chopping block for further balance changes.


The aforementioned changes revolved around forcing Yuumi players to rely far more on their passive in order to deliver some form of substantial input into a given engagement or skirmish. This also implied more risk-reward decisionmaking that had to occur, as Yuumi players would now have to constantly juggle between detaching themselves from their lane partner, harassing the enemy laners, and jumping back on to buff up their comrade.


And while this certainly didn't fix her imbalanced state - it definitely is a huge step forward. The crux of any changes that the team is planning to implement in the near future will revolve around creating further opportunities for players to interact with the enemy team's Yuumi, forcing her out of the funnel and into the open where decision making will create a decent skill-barrier to the champion.


However, as of today - Yuumi takes the pedestal as the champion with the second lowest win-rate in the support role. In addition to this, the recent round of changes decimated her pick rate to 8.64% - less than half of the prior 17.55%.


A Glimmer Of Hope For The Magical Cat

While a sizable number of League of Legends players would rather see the magical cat nuked out of existence, senior members of the community, along with the LoL development team believe that there's still some hope for Yuumi.


Despite her wild ups and downs and arguably poor implementation - the champion concept itself is actually quite brilliant.


After all, it's hard to deny the fact that Yuumi's unique kit brings an entirely new type of dynamic and resonant playstyle to the table. And if proper effort is put into rebalancing her kit, champion interactions, and playability - Yuumi is sure to find success as one of the best supports in League of Legends.


However, at the moment, that's a bit beyond the horizon. The Riot devs are still penning out changes and with no particular tweaks being rolled into the July 8th Patch 10.14 update, it's safe to say that they've definitely got their work cut out for them with Yuumi.


Closing Thoughts

While League of Legends is no stranger to oddball champions that are hard to master and even harder to balance or make viable in today's meta - Yuumi takes the cake as the biggest nuisance of them all.


And while she's already been the target of a number of major tweaks and changes ever since she was released in Season 9, the development team has finally stepped forward to talk about the fact that she wasn't implemented in the best possible manner.


However, the magical cat is here to stay!


Rather than wiping her off the champion roster, the developers are hard at work on a series of finite changes that would rebalance and essentially fix Yuumi, the magical cat. Allowing her to return into the meta as a full-fledged and proper League of Legends champion.

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