A Peek Into The Future Of League Of Legends - New Champions, Ranked And More

On April 24, 2020, Riot Games dropped a massive surprise upon the unsuspecting League of Legends player community. The developers released a brief video that details the company's plans for upcoming champion releases, future events, changes to the ranked system and so much more.


In a corresponding Twitter post, Riot's Jessica Nam lifted the veil on what changes and updates League of Legends players should expect throughout the 2020 season.


She began by elaborating that with all the changes made in Season 10 and the introduction of the Elemental Rift into the game, the development team is more than satisfied with the current in-game ecosystem and how well the community has responded to what can be easily called a modern refreshment effort.


Upcoming Champions & Changes To LoL's Ranked System

In Season 10, the game's ranked system saw a lot of dissatisfaction from players. Unfair ques where a particular team could have two duos or several auto-filled players compared to the opposing team's zero in either category were the highlight of the issues that the community was incredibly vocal about.


Thankfully, Riot has vowed to address these issues with changes planned for later this year where ques will be far more balanced to reduce the chance of such unfair advantages.


They will also be revamping the promotional series system along with providing the community with more clarity on rank vs. MMR while opting to provide more reward incentives and satisfaction to make ranked play more lucrative. So far, the developers haven't provided a concrete date, rather mentioning that players will see "significant changes after Worlds 2020."


Following the Volibear VGU rework, the team is also shifting their attention towards the development that will lead to the release of new melee and Jungler champions that were teased in a previous development video at the start of 2020.


New Game Modes, Skins & In-Game Events

However, understandably ranked play isn't for everyone. And so, to bring more life into the game, the developers are planning to bring the URF and Nexus Blitz game modes back into the game with the unveiling of two upcoming in-game events.


With these events, of course, the player base will see new champion skins become available, alongside the FPX 2019 Worlds skins that were previously revealed.


However, in typical Riot fashion, the timelines on these plans are rather unclear, with Nam mentioning that it's not unlikely that some of the developers' plans may not make it onto the release calendar at the end of the day.


Despite this, the changes lined up for the rest of this year's competitive season are still pretty exciting and are definitely expected to breathe a great deal of life into our favorite game that many players think is dying.


Closing Thoughts

While Riot isn't exactly known to be a hyper-responsive developer, and community-requested changes often take a significant amount of time to be validated and released - the developer is definitely making an effort to speed up their production times and be more vocal and transparent about the upcoming releases and what the player community should anticipate.


The upcoming changes for the 2020 competitive season of League of Legends look pretty amazing to us, and we are definitely excited for the upcoming new champions to be released towards Worlds 2020.


Now, it's our turn to hear from you, what are you most excited about from the anticipated additions to the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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