What Is VPN protection, Lol Elo Boosting

What Is VPN protection, Lol Elo Boosting

From reading some of our features via the https://lol-eloboosting.com/ home page you may of come across a feature we offer called: VPN Protection, VPN etc.

But what is a VPN exactly, and why is it so vital when it comes to lol elo boosting?

As you may already know we boost on the following servers:

EU West, EU Nordic & East, North America, Turkey, Russia, Latin America North and Oceania.

When our boosters begin progress  Elo Boosting your account there is always a chance your booster is from another region or not close to the usual location you play from.

For example: Picture yourself as a silver/gold/platinum or even diamond player wanting to get elo boosted via solo queue, however your booster is located in a different country or region compared to you. (You're from NA, however he's from EUW etc.)

When there is a big jump in ranked difference over a short space of time, there is a small chance that riot will monitor the account progress and then the location of the person currently playing on the account and how it differentiates from the previous person playing on the account.  As they become suspicious and evident the account is being played on by someone other than the account owner they could ban the account.

To avoid this from happening, lol-eloboosting urges our boosters to use a VPN. The VPN works by connecting the Elo Booster to the region the account is on, therefore Riot will see progress is being made on the same region the customer usually plays on.

You can also request via live chat for the booster to connect to the nearest country/city to you for added security. To do this click the "Online" button at the bottom right of the page to connect to one of our support representatives.

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