What Is Elo Boosting? Elo Boost/Eloboosting Definition

What Is Elo Boosting? Elo Boost/Eloboosting Definition

An Elo boost is the act of increasing the ranking on an individuals account. This is usually done by letting someone else (the elobooster) win games on it.

In most cases, ranked elo boosting is a paid service; due to the time taken and skill required to boost LoL accounts. We believe our prices are fair and reflect the time taken and overral skill required to boost LoL accounts efficiently and frequently.

However we have seen a few individuals offer eloboosting free of charge, these individuals and services are most likely a scam and we urge you to not give your account information to them!

To make sure you're in the best possible hands, we recommend you order through our site at: https://lol-eloboosting.com/lol/boost/solo

This way you know you're not only going to be getting great security, but also great service!

Like The Sound Of Eloboosting? Maybe You Can Work For Us!

  • You will be in charge of the core of our business model: Elo Boosting.
  • You will play on our customer's accounts, and win most of your games 70% win at least.
  • You have to finish an order as fast as possible !
  • You will need to follow a simple set of rules to insure customer's satisfaction and avoid problems.

How To Elo Boost?

Our team looks for new boosters every now and again, to ensure you stand a good chance please make sure you fit the requirements listed below:


  • Having a main account at least Master on season 7 on NA – OCE – EUW - LAN – LAS servers
  • Being a serious and dedicated person
  • Stable internet connection
  • Fluent in English
  • Available to play 10 games each day !
  • Being a senior booster (upload screen of what you have did before)
  • If you are doing this during your holidays we are not interested !

Read More And Apply Via: https://lol-eloboosting.com/contact-us


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