Twitch League Of Legends Dominance


On Twitch, League of Legends has remained popular for a few years now. Even with the recent trends of streaming other games, LoL managed to stay in the limelight. Thus, proving to be the most played and most streamed game on Twitch.

You will find it secured on the top of Twitch’s “All Category” leaderboard. But have you ever wondered what made League of Legends so resilient? Even after all these years, why is the League of Legends server still prevalent amongst the serious competition?

In this article, you will come to know the best and most-watched streamer of LoL on Twitch. Furthermore, you will get to know the reason behind League of Legend’s dominance in streaming.

The Initial Popularity Of League Of Legends

At the end of 2020, Riot Games reported 115 million LoL gamers every month. If you ask most players, they believe these numbers to be the result of it being “free-to-play”. Ever since its inception back in 2009, the League of Legends server has been free for all.

Moreover, it is nothing like it was 12 years ago. Since then Riot has managed to consistently and passionately improve the gameplay. To top it all, it has attracted many celebrity twitch League of Legends streamers.

One of the main reasons for LoL’s popularity is due to its MOBA-themed warfare. Due to this, over the years, it has gained dedicated fans from all over the world. Riot has also kept the fire burning by bringing in new and improved League of Legends patch updates frequently.

It is ironic how the game gained popularity even before its release. Even though the co-founders were skeptical about making it a “free-to-play” game to start with, yet, according to League Wiki, there is millions of dollars’ worth of investment pouring in.

Later, Merill confessed that he was anxious about making this title free. However, their love for gaming inspired them to make the League of Legends server freely available to everyone. The owners admitted that the game would not have been such a sensation if they had not made it free.

In addition, League of Legends is an easy-to-play MOBA-style game. Its predecessors were not free and did not have simplicity to their credit. Moreover, the LoL interface is what drove gamers to love it.

Over the years, the gameplay, the League of Legends champions, and its brilliant graphics facilitated the rise of an immense fanbase. Making it the game that changed eSports forever!

Twitch League Of Legends Popularity

Twitch came into existence three years after the release of LoL. This naturally got the wheels turning for this MOBA-style game, to finally earn a user base of 27 million. The first-ever twitch streamer to play League of Legends on live-stream was Tyler “loltyler1” Steinkamp.

His career skyrocketed as people rushed in to see this gameplay and outrageous reactions. In February 2021, Twitch reported four million followers in his name. However, League of Legends was the big winner, as it yielded a massive fan base due to their eSports presence.

The League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) became the most-watched stream on the internet, with the League of Legends YouTube viewership being in tight competition with NFL in 2014. Fans tuned in to watch and support their favorite teams, as they simultaneously tried to learn new gameplay strategies and more.

All of these features made LCS one of the most famous eSports Organizations in the world. According to SullyGnome, the LCS Twitch channel catered to an hourly viewership of over five million.

This has lead League of Legends to be known as a platform for streamers to build their career on. While also allowing eSports athletes to compete, make a name for themselves and have a successful career.

8 Best League Of Legends Streamers On Twitch

You can say that LoL is astronomically beyond the quote of a “viral gaming trend”. Initially developed as an idea for a leisurely game, LoL became a multi-national eSport Organization with an exceptional fan base. And to add to it all, having a primary viewership on Twitch!

Here are the most famous streamers with all the GGs on Twitch!


1.     Tyler1

Tyler Steinkamp is one of the first LoL streamers on the block. He built his persona around “The Most Toxic Player NA” as he was more about onscreen raging. Moreover, he did not showcase excellent gameplay.

However, he has shown wild antics and reformed gameplay over the years since Riot lifted his ban. You can tune in to watch him hilariously try to master the game that is well beyond his comfort zone as a Top Laner.


2.     Jankos

Marcin Jankowski is a professional LoL player and streamer. He has a quiet and reserved personality that gets tested every time he streams. He is also known for offering valuable insight into the role of a Jungler and the recent meta for the game.

He analyzes new League of Legends patch notes for viewers who tune into his streams. 


3.     Imaqtpie

Michael Santana no longer plays as a professional in LoL. However, he still streams and amuses people with his laid-back attitude. Furthermore, he plays his role as a Support of a Bot Lane with perfection.


4.     Voyboy

Joedat Esfahani is also an ex-professional who streams and analyzes everything offered by the LoL community. Moreover, he has been an integral part of the community for years. He plays as a Mid or Top Lane.


5.     TF Blade

Akshan Homayouni streams from his home country of Iran. Time and again, he has showcased intense gameplay and statistics that makes him the best Top Lane player in the world.


6.     Yassou

Fans consider Hammoudi Abdalrhman as the best LoL streamer in the world. When you tune in to his twitch League of Legends streams, you will witness top-tier gameplay. However, his language makes his streams PG-13.


7.     KayPea

Kelsey is the best woman League of Legends streamers and focuses on playing as a Mid Laner. She is again one of those players who are known to show immense talent and strategies that you can learn from.

She is probably the “chilliest” LoL streamer on Twitch. And is all for spreading happiness and joy with her regular streams.


8.     Faker

Lee Sang-hyeok won the League of Legends Championship thrice! Therefore, he has become the best mid player in the world. He offers a regularly scheduled stream that you can enjoy.

However, he only streams in Korean now! For translations, you need to tune in to his League of Legends YouTube channel.



Ever since Twitch showcased its platform, LoL streamers have earned a new career path, making this game the global sensation that it is today. With millions of fans worldwide and hundreds of streamers, League of Legends has solidified its existence and is here to stay.

This game can literally dominate any streaming platform it is on!

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