League Of Legends: The Origin Story


Every gamer has heard or played the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) sensation – League of Legends. If you ended up downloading League of Legends out of sheer curiosity, you might have wondered what is it exactly and how it all began? Moreover, before being the most viewed eSports game, LoL was just an idea.

Even if you are not an avid gamer, the origin story of League of Legends will intrigue you. The journey started with a dream and ended up becoming the most famous game in the world. Currently, the League of Legends server houses over a million players.

But the question still remains: how did this go from being a billion-dollar generation to a hundred million spectators? How did a simple MOBA game turn into a global sensation? This article will answer all that and will take you on a journey of discovering an empire!


Where Did It All Start?

The genre of MOBA-themed games dates back to 1998 with StarCraft. Further, a fan-made custom map called the “Aeon of Strife” was the first game to have the original MOBA gameplay.  From there, the community grew, and so did the games.

Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) marked the rise in popularity of this genre in 2002. Moreover, the gaming community loved the gameplay, thus making a demand. It is where Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill come in.

Beck identifies himself as a lifelong gamer who intended to create a platform that facilitates the growth of eSports. Therefore, he co-founded Riot Games with Merrill back in 2006. He had a plan and a dream of making people understand the scope in gaming.

Today, Riot has a net worth of $25 Billion with a player base of 67 million! Thus, proving that dreams do come true. Moreover, you need to know about Riot and MOBA because League of Legends results from both.

Beck and Merrill envisioned a game based on the multiplayer online battle arena with refined graphics and versatility. Moreover, with the help of Marc Merrill, who took four years to perfect the developments of LoL, they changed the landscape of gaming as we knew it.

They were college roommates who co-founded Riot games – they literally built all this over their shared love for gaming! Talk about roommates with benefits – the benefit, in this case, being becoming filthy rich together.

Together they spent time developing a game that will later redefine video game development.

Consequently, they announced the release of their first title, League of Legends, in 2009! Both of them have equal love for the gaming world and wanted to pursue their dreams.

They were both avid fans of MOBA-style games. Therefore, the League of Legends was based on it! However, the game was far from perfect when it first came out. Yet, within a few years, the game gained explosive growth in the eSports arena.

The League of Legends Reddit presence has solidified due to the dedicated subreddit called the “League of Pride”.


League Of Legends Origins

According to League of Legends Wiki, it is a documentary film based on the community history of LoL. Directed by Leslie Iwerks, League of Legends Origins became famous before the release date. Moreover, when it came out in 2019 on digital platforms, fans and players went crazy!

It documented the journey and explored the history of the intriguing League of Legends community. Further, answering how and why it became the most played MOBA-style PC game in the history of gaming. Many gamers will agree that LoL has forever changed the eSports community.

The documentary features twitch league of legends stars who popularized the game. Moreover, the run-time of 1 hour 17 minutes captures the positives and negatives of this gaming phenomenon. Further, interviewing visionaries, fans, and players who lived the journey of LoL!


The Dawn Of League Of Legends Championship

DreamHack hosted the first-ever League of Legends Championship called the Season 1 World Championship. Moreover, it started in 2011, and gamers still consider this to be the premier LoL competition. Since then, it became an annual event hosted by Riot.

The first-ever League of Legends Worlds winner was Team Fnatic. Moreover, the popularity and revenue generated facilitated the prize pool of 10,000,000 USD! Following that, Riot introduced the concept of a 70-pound Summoner’s Cup.

It is the dream of every LoL athlete to be able to lift the cup. Moreover, there was an exponential growth over ten years in the eSports community. With every League of Legends patch update, the game is ever-growing, and the demand keeps on increasing.

At this rate, there is no prediction as to where League of Legends can take the eSports community. Moreover, League of Legends is the most-watched live game in history.

Back in 2019, the total viewership of League of Legends Worlds was 100 million. Thus, making a per minute average views of 21.8 million. Moreover, there was a peak concurrent viewership of almost 44 million people.

It means that many LoL enthusiasts tuned in to watch the gameplay at the same time! Additionally, it is the highest watched championship of all time.


Legends Never Die

It has been 11 years since the debut of League of Legends. However, it is still relevant to play. Therefore, saying a lot about the dedicated efforts of the developers.

Video games are in abundance. They come, become prevalent for a few years, and eventually lose popularity. But, LoL showed consistency in keeping their huge player base.

Riot Games released many video games over the years. Among which, Valorant is a fan-favorite. However, League of Legends is unbeatable. With new players joining every day and tournaments being held, LoL is here to stay!

It is the most relevant game in the industry as it proved to be successful. Most believe it was due to the constant patch updates that bettered the gameplay experience. Moreover, making it intriguing for every gaming enthusiast.

The patch updates come equipped with nerfing or buffing the League of Legend Champions every two weeks. Therefore, enhancing the game mechanism and the systems by balancing the graphics with better gameplay.


Final Words

As you have seen, League of Legends has come a long way! With the introduction of the new League of Legend Champions by Riot, ever so often, it becomes fresher every time. Moreover, the constant need to change the current meta has made it so famous.

Therefore, League of Legends is a game that is here to stay even after a decade! Further, making opportunities for eSports athletes to build their careers. 

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