League of Legends: Best Skins You Need To Pick

The League of Legends worlds are rich with lore and unique individual backstories. The game has been around for a decade now, and there's no denying the fact that it is still one of the most loved online battle arena video games. After all, it ought to be — since Riot games develop new exciting updates and thematic releases from time to time.

Talking about skins in LoL, you might be wondering whether each skin line has some specific lore. Some do have a backstory. Riot has done quite a commendable job of telling stories about a universe with their different skin lines. For instance, High noon, Omega Squad, and many others have a thrilling backstory.

But do skins matter? If you are an LoL buff, then probably skins and the appearance of favorite champions are a big deal. Skins are much more than just a visual flair. The new particle effects and animations can add advantages to the battle arena while piloting the champions.

Here are some of our best League of Legends skins that you should pick right away for your champions. Read on to know more.


What Are the Top 10 Skins to Buy for League of Legends Champions?

You may be aware of the in-game cosmetic skins released every year if you belong to the LoL fandom. There are about 1251 skins available right now. To add more, each of the current 154 champions has at least one extra skin.

You can check the prices at the League of Legends wiki.

Our top 7 picks for League of Legends champions skin include:

Elementalist Lux

Have you seen a champion that holds the freaking power of elements?

The lady of luminosity, LUX, has been given an ultimate powerful skin, the Elementalist lux. Elementalist lux has ten forms: Light, Fire, Air, Water, Nature, Ice, Magma, Storm, Mystic, and Dark.

Lux can change her skin twice through the game. Besides, you can make some be-witching combinations, including:

       Dark: Nature + Air OR Water + Fire

       Magma: Fire + Nature

       Ice: Water + Air

       Mystic: Water + Nature

       Storm: Fire + Air

The majestic skin, however, comes with a hefty price of 3250 RP.

Lux is a champion that would never disappoint you. Besides, you can use League of Legends build for lux to increase your win rate.

Storm Dragon Lee Sin/Aurelion Sol

Lee Sin's Storm Dragon Skin is one of the best works of art in LoL. The bluish tint of the thunder skin showcases outstanding visual features when playing Storm Dragon Lee Sin on Summoner's Rift.

Storm Dragon Lee Sin received his powers from none other than Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol.

The price of both the skins is 1820 RP and 1350 RP, respectively.

Solar/Lunar Eclipse Leona

Solar/Lunar Eclipse Leona appears like your mighty warrior from a medieval-themed anime series.

In a League of Legends Reddit poll, Lunar eclipse Leona was voted as the best skin for Leona.

All Leona skins feature the same fierce armor; however, the color schema in the solar and lunar eclipse skin is astonishing.

The price of the skins is 1850 RP.

High Noon Lucian/Senna

Senna, the redeemer who is among the top League of Legends, supports the champions list, and Lucian, the purifier who tops the League of Legends counter list, is one of the most admired lovers in LoL. The high noon skin for Lucian and senna are indeed legendary.

Both the champions combatted myriad evils in the Black mist, and their love gradually blossomed. Senna quickly accompanied her love in this iconic skin of the champion.

The price of both skins is 1820 RP.

God-King Garen

You might have seen this skin in the battle of God-Kings on various League of Legends youtube channels. While God-King Darius' side aspires for nothing more than endless war, the God-King Garen battles for an eternal reign.

The God-King Garen skin is one of the most intimidating skins available. It legit matches the personality of fearless commander Garen, the Might of Demacia. Besides, in this skin, Garen is accompanied by a majestic lion.

Garen builds that include the God-King skin have been in the top tier list of League of Legends.

The price of the God-King Garen skin is 1820 RP.

Spirit Blossom Thresh

League of Legends patch 10.15 introduced the spirit blossom for Thresh and a few other champions.

Riot's first attempt to bring Japanese aesthetics to LoL cosmetics came with the Spirit Blossom skin line. Spirit Blossom Thresh was released in the League of Legends patch season.

Spirit Blossom skin is one of the game's major highlights, as it is the only skin to feature the champion unmasked Thresh. Besides, Spirit Blossom Thresh has mind-blowing animations.

Nonetheless, this soul demon looks badass in this skin.

The price of the skin is 1820 RP.

DJ Sona

The DJ Sona skin of Sona, Maven of strings, was initially released in 2015. However, it still is thrilling and one of the best skins available.

While you are in a League of Legends championship, DJ Sona will be perfect to hype up your team. The skin offers powerful DJ effects and dropping beats mid-game.

The skin itself is Sona as a DJ with her decks and a sound system built into her desk. During the game, DJ Sona can shift between 3 songs - Concussive, Kinetic, and Ethereal. Each song changes its appearance in-game with a new system and colors for each one.

The price of this cool skin is 1820 RP.


Final Words

If you have not included these beautiful skins for your champions in the game, do so as early as possible! You will not regret it.

Besides, you can download League of Legends free skins by different means. One way is to visit the Facebook page of your corresponding League of Legends server, click on the "like" button, give your summoner's name and press the button to get the skin.

The LoL skins that mark entry in the game with their unique storylines are an excellent means by which the game seems more appealing. To have excellent gameplay, choose the suitable skin and get started.

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