Top ADCarries of Season 5 (part 1)


Laning phase: Jinx has a weak laning phase because she doesn’t have any skills that allow her to get out from trades or fights, she has 2 skills that in theory might keep her safe; Flame Chompers! “E” puts 3 traps on the ground, but the arm time is pretty long (0.7 sec) and people can easily react to it and jump over before the traps are armed, and the other skill is Zap! “W”, but it has a short delay of cast (not specified) and it’s not very efficient to use when retreating. Her “Q” Switcheroo! is a very good ability to harass opponents from long range; It has 2 stances , one is for short range and has increased Attack Speed, being really useful against melee Champions or Champions that are close, and the other one is for long range and it has splash damage. The ultimate Super Mega Death Rocket! “R” is a good way to get kills by sniping enemy champions everywhere on the map, but in a 2v2 situation on botlane might be pretty difficult to hit since it has a specific stance that she takes when she starts casting her ultimate and it can be easily predicted it’s path by enemies.
Team Fights: In team fights, Jinx is a great hypercarry as long as she has 1 or 2 people that can protect her and peel for her. After each kill her passive gets activated Get Excited!, giving her a huge speed boost, allowing her to chase down enemies or get out; This can get very devastating for the enemy team if she gets one kill because with that huge speed she can reach the enemy backline, whom in the late-game, with the high range from her Switcheroo! can bring down the enemy carries. Her damage is great but when it comes to defense, she can have a lot of problems when her flash is down; Picks like Jarvan VI and Vi against her are really strong and can lock her down, which can be a huge problem for her.
Best support: Since her mobility isn’t that great, supports like Janna, Nami, Morgana that are good at disengaging and peeling, are a great combination.
Conclusion: Damage wise, Jinx might arguably be the best carry in the game, on the same level with Draven and Kog’maw; But she doesn’t have repositioning skills and she needs to make a kill first to be able to get out from bad situations. In these conditions we will label her as a HighRisk/HighRewardChampion.

Laning phase: Kalista is the newest Marksman that Riot Games released, and with this Champion they’ve raised the skill and the mechanics one bar higher. She’s the most difficult and hardest Champion to master in the game but it has it’s perks. If played right, she can dodge all the skill shots in the lane using the passive Martial Poise (after every basic attack or Pierce, Kalista will jump a small distance where the mouse cursor is); By dodging the enemy skill shots with the help of her passive she can get enough advantage to win the lane by stacking as many stacks of Rend as she can and then triggering them to deal damage proportional with the amount of stacks. Besides her passive, she has 2 more safety spells, one is her “W” Sentinel spell that sends a ghost to roam and scout for her (and also has a passive this skill, which deals percentage magic damage if she attacks the same target as her Oathswore within 1.5 seconds); The other spell is her ultimate Fate's Call “R”, works like a forced Thresh lantern, pulling the Oathswore to her, making him untargetable for a few seconds and he can reactivate the ultimate to go back or go in for 1400 units; If the Oathswore is in no danger to die, he can charge in and knock-up enemies in a small radius. Her “Q” Pierce is like a Nidalee spear, but it has smaller range and it can be used to activate her passive, allowing Kalista to jump when there is no target to attack; This tool is really good for jumping walls, or to add 1 more stack of Rend and also can be used to close distance on the enemies which are out of her basic attack range.
Team Fights: Kalista is very good at staying safe in the team fights and dealing constant stream of damage. When enemies fight against Kalista, to run away from her isn’t an option, they can either go “All in” or get chased down by her mobility. Even if she has a great mobility she can still be locked down by suppresses or skills like Vi’s ultimate. Damage wise, Kalista isn’t that great since she needs a lot of time to stack enough Rend charges, but if she survives for long enough she can be deadly; Kalista doesn’t have “steroids” or burst damage, counterbalancing her huge mobility.
Best support: Kalista works with almost any support, range supports are a great way to deal damage abusing her passive from Sentinel. But melee supports are great too, since she can lunge them forward, giving her team a great way to initiate.
Conclusion: Kalista is great at staying safe, kiting around and she has good damage if she survives long enough. But on the negative side, she doesn’t have poke, burst damage or “steroids” and her usual build doesn’t include critical damage. Given these facts , we can label her MediumRisk/MediumReward.

Laning phase: Sivir is usually picked to counter certain Champions that abuse spells to trade damage. In this situation Sivir is a great pick to deny their aggression since she can use her Spell shield “E” to block the next incoming spell, and can push the lane with Ricochet “W” plus Boomerang Blade “Q”, forcing the enemies to concentrate more on last hitting under tower or to push back, instead of playing aggressive. Her ultimate On the Hunt “R” gives a massive boost of movement speed to herself and her allies which in combination with the passive Fleet of foot (grants bonus movement speed after hitting an enemy Champion) are a great way of chasing enemies that are retreating. Even if she has these tools to chase enemy down, she might still lose some trades against champions that rely more on basic attacks than spells (e.g. Kalista, Draven, Vayne); In these situation is best to wait for the jungler to gank, ganks that are pretty easy since she can use the ultimate for movement speed which lasts 8 seconds.
Team Fights: Sivir works best with full engage teams, she can use the ultimate for massive bonus movement speed and can help her team to collapse on the right targets. She doesn’t need that much peel since she can survive on her own, allowing her team to hunt the enemy carries. In team fights she doesn’t have any major weaknesses, but if she gets isolated from her team she will have to run since she can’t win most 1v1s.
Best support: Supports that help her to trade in lane are the best with Sivir, her own damage is not enough to win trades even if she Spell Shields one of their spells. So Champions like Janna, Sona, Nami, Thresh are really good in this situation.
Conclusion: Sivir is great pick for teams that have heavy crowd control and need movement speed for better execution, she can survive team fights on her own, deals good damage and she’s just great overall except 1v1s. She might not work very good with poke teams though. All in all, this Champion is a LowRisk/MediumReward.

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