Top 3 Low ELO Mistakes That Are Costing You Wins

Let's face it, a ranked game in League of Legends isn't always smooth sailing, no matter what ELO you're sitting at. And while very few people expect to just steamroll through every single match they jump into - losing game after game, especially at low ELO can be a very frustrating and downright depressing experience.


It's certainly easy to jump ship and blame your team for being incompetent or get frustrated at bad circumstantial decisions. However, there are actually a number of incredibly common mistakes that most low ELO players make, which end up costing them lots of potential wins, and ELO that they could have had.


So, today - let's take a look at the top 3 low ELO mistakes and what you can do to correct them - helping you get on the right track to climbing out of the low ELO cesspool and start enjoying the game you love that much more, one win at a time!


Mistake #1 - Lack Of Vision

In many high ELO games, a single aptly placed ward can secure your lane from ganks and allow you to farm up to your heart's content without giving the enemy jungler an opportunity to feed his laner or start off strong on a snowball.


Remember - it only takes one or two good ganks for the enemy team to have a significant gold advantage that can last well into the midgame if they capitalize on it.


That's why no matter what role you're playing - you always want to make sure that you're buying wards and setting them up in high traffic spots to give your team an awareness advantage that will help you predict the enemy team's plays before they go down.


Mistake #2 - Poor Positioning In Teamfights

Every single role, whether you're the toplaner, support, or AD carry, has a very specific part to play in every teamfight that happens throughout the course of a match. And with that, making sure that you position yourself accordingly is paramount to coming out on top as you'll be able to provide your team with the full range of benefits your champion and role have to offer.


This is an especially important point for carry roles, as your sole objective is to dish out as much damage as possible to high-priority targets throughout the fight. So, it should come with no surprise that to do that - you'll need to be alive for as long as possible!


Having said that, as a carry, you rarely have any business jumping in front of your tanks as that will only get you picked off right at the start of the fight and will ultimately lose your team that engagement as they'll be down a carry right off the bat.


When it comes to coaching sessions with low ELO players - this is actually one of the most prevalent mistakes many people make, as they don't realize they're right in the line of fire until it's just too late to do anything about it.


Mistake #3 - Not Keeping Track Of Cooldowns

While practically anyone, at any ELO-bracket, can get near-perfect CS in lane - one of the less obvious mistakes that costs many low ELO players their games is not keeping good track of their cooldowns.


A typical example would be using your champion's core abilities to waveclear when you're pushed in and then getting destroyed by the enemy lane because you have little to nothing to respond with when they dive you.


The same applies to trades. And if you watch some streams of public coaching sessions between low ELO and professional players, you'll see a staggering amount of times where people try to trade with the enemy laner while having abilities on cooldown. Obviously, most of the time, they'll lose the trade and then have to recall, giving their opponent a sizeable gold advantage for no good reason.



Closing Thoughts

If you're stuck in low ELO, more likely than not, there are a couple of key mistakes you're making that are holding you back from climbing higher and escaping the proverbial "ELO-hell."


In today's post, we've covered the top 3 most common mistakes that low ELO players make, which cost them many of their potential wins. If you make an effort to pay more attention to your games and catch yourself making these mistakes - you'll put your best foot forward on the path to gradually correcting them. Ultimately, this will make you a much better player, and you will see a steady growth in ELO over time.


And if you feel like you could do with a bit extra help from a professional player - feel free to check out our Coaching section.

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