The Ultimate League of Legends Guide for Betting


Are you an avid gamer of League of Legends? Do you follow the League of Legends championship? Then, why stop there? With such a huge fan following and millions of spectators, betting on lol is very profitable and enjoyable.

Do you want to know how you can start betting on League of Legends champions? Read on to find a comprehensive betting guide for beginners and seasoned bettors!


What is League of Legends?

Developed by Riot Games, League of Legends is a multiplayer game played on desktops and laptops. It’s a type of game where players have to battle in an arena.

Initially released in 2009, lol has become one of the popular video games

 in the past decade.

With over 115 million monthly player count and a high of 50 million gameplay daily, League of Legends is popular. Since its release in 2009, League of Legends has grown into one of the world’s most popular video games.

League of Legends has helped the eSports industry boom and urged patrons to bet on various tournaments and world championships. Before we dive into the League of Legends' betting aspect, let's understand the basics of the game.


Basics of the League of Legends Game

In League of Legends, five players in two teams compete against each other. The teams play against each other by summoning a ‘champion’ on the map of 'Summoner's Rift.' The League of Legends game's objective is to destroy the opponent’s nexus, which is found in the middle of each team’s territory.

Both teams’ champions and other non-player characters like monsters and minions defend their nexus from the opponents. To advance in the game and acquire strength, the team has to destroy the opponent’s characters.

The matches in League of Legends are in the format of best-of-three rounds. One round is completed when either of the team’s nexus is destroyed.


Betting Guide for League of Legends

If you know how to play League of Legends, you might find betting on it reasonably easy. However, it all depends on how much you about esports betting and are willing to learn about the lol tournaments.

You don’t have to be a seasoned esports bettor to start betting on League of Legends. Here’s a league of legends guide specially curated for beginners to start their esports betting journey.

Step-by-step League of Legends Guide for Beginners

1.      Select a sports bookmarker that offers real money betting on League of Legends. Look for one that offers excellent odds and starting bonuses.

2.      Register and join the bookmarker website by filling in all your details. Some platforms might ask for ID verification as well.

3.      After your betting account is ready, take time to explore the platform.

4.      Make your initial deposit into your betting account. Take advantage of the welcome bonuses and enjoy the perks.

5.      Start wagering on your favorite League of Legends tournaments and championships!


League of Legends Betting Odds Explained

League of Legends might look complicated and chaotic, but betting on it is relatively easy. Lol follows the same format as other esports games, so bets' placing is mostly the same. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced lol bettor, here is a quick revision on the betting odds for lol.


Moneyline Bets

If you're new too lol betting, then Moneyline bets are your thing. You can place wagers on which team will win in a single match. It’s the easiest way to earn money without knowing much about the league of legends champions and teams.


Tournament/Futures Outrights Bets

In tournament bets, you can bet on which team will make it to the finals or win the championship. In this, you don’t bet on single matches.


Parlay/Accumulator Bets

In accumulator bets, you combine several wagers to get a bigger payout when each betting odds are multiplied if they are successful.


Live Bets

Live bets are prevalent in world championships of the league of legends. In this, you can place bets while the match is going on, which is more thrilling.


Spread/Handicap Bets

As we previously mentioned, the lol games are in the best-of-three format. However, the spread is adjusted continuously at -/+1.5. It is great because you can earn money for betting on underdogs and win a single round. If you have bet on the favorite, then the team needs to win 2-0 for you to benefit from the spread bet.


Over/Under/Total Bets

In a standard league of legends match, the total rounds are three, which means that the total is calibrated at 2.5. If you think one team is going to win, then you should place the under bet. Conversely, place the over bet if you think the match is going to be a close one.


Tips for Betting on League of Legends

Winning real money through League of Legends betting is not that difficult. Here are some tricks and tips you should follow before you bet on lol.

1.      Twitch league of legends is a great way to follow the latest updates on teams and tournaments. It will help you make an educated bet concerning history, opponents, and style of gameplay.

2.      Focus on a particular team or tournament because it will allow you to research better and make wise gambling decisions.

3.      Compare betting odds and welcome bonuses across bookmarker sites to choose the best one. Make sure you get the biggest payout and choose a gambling platform accordingly.

4.      Don't just bet on the significant events like lol world championships. Look for minor regional tournaments and bet on teams as they have a knack for having surprising wins.

5.      Use gambling tools like the odd calculator to estimate the payout of you wagering on a particular bet.



Every year millions of esports bettors are attracted to League of Legends. With thrilling gameplay, yearly league of legends patch, and comprehensive tier list, lol is one of the top-rated esports games. Go through this betting guide before you start betting on your favorite league of legends champions! 

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