The Rise Of Sona ADC - Lux & Sona Botlane Domination

It's fair to say that League of Legends has always seen its fair share of cheese picks, wombo combos, and utterly strange bot lane champion combinations that simply work too darn well against the META in place.


However, Season 10 has brought with it an entirely new episode in this series - and this particular combination is an absolute monster.


Today, we'll be talking about Sona ADC, and why a Sona and Lux bot lane is a horrid menace.


Let's dive right in!


Sona ADC, A Surprise Resurgence

Now, Sona ADC isn't quite unheard of. In fact, it was a popular off-META pick in the past. However, it dwindled out over time, and Sona's hidden potential as a super-carry has been lying dormant, in wait of a better "climate" to come back and dominate the rift once more.


And with all the changes rolled out across the last few months, Season 10 has become that exact perfect climate.


So, why does Sona ADC work this season?


First thing's first - this is still the same Spellthief's META Sona carry. However, with recent changes to the Guardian tree, Spellthief's can proc without Sona having to be hand in hand with her laner the entire time.


In addition to this, the recent buffs to Spellthief's Edge in Patch 10.15 have increased mana regeneration substantially - allowing both Sona and Lux to become a spell-spamming nightmare in the bot lane.


But Why Run Lux Over Taric?

Undeniably, Lux, in the right hands is a very strong support in terms of both offense and defense. However, the main problem with picking Lux is centered around survivability against tankier supports that can soak up her damage freely.


But, what if you just run two Guardians?


This strategy, combined with Lux's massive shields as well as Sona's stellar healing capabilities make the Sona and Lux bot lane combo nearly unkillable. In turn, this gives them a very strong lead in the earlier stages of the game and gives their team a significant advantage in capturing the all-important early and mid-game objectives in order to absolutely crush the enemy team.


Okay, but do they do damage? Oh heck yeah!


Sona's Q combined with Lux's binding and passive is incredibly strong, and dishes out tons of damage onto the unsuspecting enemies on bot lane. In addition to this, if you master the combo, Sona can pick up Arcane Comet or even Aery for additional damage without sacrificing a whole lot of survivability.


This allows Sona and Lux to quickly stack up Spellthief's, and hyper-scale towards their late-game spikes.


Closing Thoughts

It's no secret that Sona has always been a viable champion in the carry role. And across the seasons, many pairings and strategies have come and passed.


However, none of them were quite as domineering as the Sona and Lux combo that's taking over the off-META scene in Season 10.


And here's the best bit - there aren't any changes in queue to nerf the combo or reduce their potential in any way. So if you're keen to go off-META and try something new - the Sona and Lux bot lane combo should definitely be a satisfying and fun experience!

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