The 6 Best Champions To Play In LoL Patch 10.16

With Patch 10.16 being officially live across all servers, the changes aren't slight.


The development team has been making a strong effort across the second half of the season. Their aim? Balancing things out as we head into this years' Worlds event and as the season wraps up to a close. And pushed out alongside these changes came a whole new champion, Yone, who closely followed Lillia, released in Patch 10.15 as we speculated during a recent leak.


So if you're worried about how Patch 10.16 may have affected your personal go-to roster - don't fret, in today's article, we're going to cover the prime-tier top-picks that are crushing the META.


Let's dive right in!


1. Darius - Best Top Laner In 10.16

With how many times we've mentioned Darius in our blogs over the years, it's no secret that he's quite the menace in just about any lane you throw him into.


So, what makes him so overwhelmingly lethal?


First, it's the fact that his damage output is absolutely insane. If you understand the champion's relatively basic mechanics and straightforward kit - you'll be dishing out tons of damage right from the first game you play.


In addition to this, Darius is also naturally very survivable as a bruiser - this allows him to have a relatively relaxed time in lane. And towards the mid to end game phase of your match, you should have no problem rushing into the backline to pick off squishy enemy carries.


2. Elise - The Best Jungler In 10.16

No one really likes spiders much, do they? While your average house spider is definitely spooky enough - this fierce arachnid is a total menace in the jungle.


Now, she's always been a great pick. So, why are we bringing her in now as the creme-de-la-creme?


Largely, she excels due to how well she can control the early phase of the game. Her kit is very versatile, and it allows for her to have some strong 1v1 as well as play-making power far earlier than most other junglers that she could be matched up against.


In addition to this, it's also important to note that after recent changes - her spiderlings actually deal more damage with each ounce of adaptive power that Elise builds. And that's the recipe for some mind-boggling potential.


3. Zed - The Best Mid Laner In 10.16

Despite a brief decline in favorability - Zed's definitely not dead! In fact, the mid-lane menace of a shuriken throwing, shadow morphing superstar is back in action this patch thanks to a recent buff to the missile speed of his Living Shadow ability, as well as a reduced cooldown timer to boot.


This guarantees a far greater damage output for Zed and a much smoother play-style than before with less room for error. In short - it makes him even more deadly at all stages of the game.


In addition to this, as most diehard League of Legends fans probably know full-well - you only really need a handful of kills to start snowballing out of control with Zed. And seeing how high his 1v1 potential and mobility are (especially in the early game), Zed is a solid cross-map threat to opposing teams.


4. Caitlyn - The Best ADC (Bot Lane) in 10.16

Caitlyn has always been one of the most popular picks for the duo-lane. Whether it's because of her super safe attack range or simple yet amazingly powerful kit - she's enjoyed her fair share of dominance over the ADC role.


And with a near-53% win rate, it's no surprise that she's landed here in our list of the best LoL champions to play for each role in 10.16.


But, what really makes her so menacing and effective?


First and foremost, her superb range gives players the opportunity to harass their enemies in lane from a safe distance, making very favorable trades from the time the first creep wave rolls around.


In addition to this, her base damage is pretty solid, and with a little bit of Crit - Caitlyn starts to hurt, a lot.


Now, when we throw in the attack damage and movement speed buff that she received in Patch 10.15 - that creates a prime and perfect recipe for Caitlyn to do some serious damage in the lane down south.


5. Blitzcrank - The Best Support In 10.16

Ever since he came out in 2009, Blitzcrank has seen lots of love from the community. This kill-stealing, grab-happy menace of a support champion has never fallen short of the top-list and he has always been an incredibly viable pick across just about any season and META.


And that certainly isn't changing in 10.16. While he didn't receive any huge changes over the last few patches, the state of the META and changes happening to other support champions have put him in a very good spot - especially if you've got the knack for landing those all-important grabs.


Pro Tip: Overtop of his amazing potential as a support, don't forget that Blitz actually deals lots of damage with his Power First and Static Field abilities. This allows you to force fights and initiate advantageous plays instead of sticking to the backline.


6. Hecarim - The Best Off-META Pick In 10.16

If you're not a fan of playing by the META, but you're all down for lightning-fast ganks, tons of damage, and a relatively simple intuitive playstyle - Hecarim should definitely have a cushy spot on your roster of go-to champions for Patch 10.16.


While traditionally, most people built Hecarim as a tank - he actually excels in damage-dependant situations. And as more players are making the gradual transition towards building him up to be a strong damage-dealer in the mid-late game - Hecarim is bound to see a lot more play.


Alternatively, you can also lock down Riven if you're a little more mechanically apt.


Closing Thoughts

With the ever-changing state of the League META, each new patch brings a whole host of changes that tend to shake things up. Especially the balance changes the development team typically rolls out towards the end of each season around the time of the yearly Worlds events.


This leaves many players lost and confused about what they should do with their roster of favorite picks. Are they still viable? Will they crush it with the current patch in place?


To save you some pondering and research - in today's post we've laid out the 6 best champions that are absolutely dominating the leaderboards in League of Legends Patch 10.16.


With that, we wish you luck on your end-of-season climb. And remember - if you need a little helping hand, our professional ELO boosters are always around to help you get the rank that you're after quickly, effectively, and affordably! Check out our LoL services for more information and to place an order.


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