The 5 Best Champs To Climb With In Patch 10.8

It's no secret that every season, some champions just hold the power bar far over the others. And while improving your mechanics and macro play is insanely important, playing the right champions gives you a big advantage and allows you to climb the ladder much quicker.


Keep reading to find out about our top 5 champions to climb with in Season 10. We'll feature the ultimate champion for every role and go into the details of just what makes them a powerhouse in that lane.


Let's dive right in!


Top Lane - Darius, the Hand of Noxus

As the king of any top lane tier list, Darius is one of the easiest and most dominant champions that you can play in the top lane. His super simple kit alongside the crazy damage he can easily dish out to both single enemies and entire teams at a time make him a risk-free pick, no matter your ELO or skill level.


Jungle - Warwick, the Uncaged Wrath of Zaun

Undeniably, Warwick is one of the simplest champions that you can take to the jungle. However, the simplicity of his kit and his insane damage output throughout the early game makes him one of the easiest champions to establish and push an advantage with. If played right, he can easily take control of every early game objective and get his lanes ahead pre-6.


Mid - Diana, Scorn of the Moon

As a champion that shows up on almost any mid lane tier list, you can think of - Diana is one of the best carry champions, hands down. She is very survivable and mobile, which makes her a very safe pick for newer players. However, she can also dish out some of the greatest damage in the game, and her versatility as an assassin puts her just in the right place to climb in solo queue.


Bot - Miss Fortune, the Bounty Hunter

While she has always been a powerful pick - Miss Fortune is really on fire in Season 10. She is one of the mechanically easiest champions to play as an AD carry. And her damage potential combined with her vibrant, flexible kit allows her to absolutely dominate almost any matchup with ease.


Support - Leona, the Radiant Dawn

While Blitzcrank is insanely effective as a support, and definitely deserves a mention for the top support spot, the fact that he is so reliant on his hook makes or breaks him in the hands of lower ELO players. As such, we've decided to crown Leona the victor. Even though her E (Zenith Blade) is also a skill shot, her Q and R allow her to make up for any potential mistakes, and the added damage from her W makes her an insanely viable asset in team fights.


Closing Thoughts

Each and every champion in League of Legends has their place. However, for some, that place is just a bit higher than the rest. So if you want to maximize your advantage and rank up quickly - you may want to play one of the picks from our list of the best champions to climb with.


In fact, these are the exact champions that ELO boosters use frequently to carry their games hard. And due to the fact that our picks generally stay strong throughout seasons, learning them to a high mastery level is a fantastic idea if you want easy free ELO in Season 10.

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