Playing Against Viego


If you are a league of legends fan, playing against Viego might get a bit tricky right now.

Viego is the 154th champion on the roster list who has just made his appearance on the map. After announcing the mobile version of the game, Riot Games made this worthy addition to the roster.

League of Legends is surpassing all its previous records by now tapping both PC and Mobile players. The streaming of the game on Twitch is hitting an all-time high, and this might be the best time to start playing if you have not already.

However, if you are a regular player and you are having a tough time against the unique moves of Viego, you are not alone. Here are some things to keep in mind while playing against Viego.


Preventing Ganks

The basic duty of a jungler is to gank so that they can move ahead. The usual way of preventing them from ganking is by keeping a vigilant eye on them. If you can pinpoint their location, it will be easy for you to back off when they are in the vicinity of your lane.

Vision is the most prominent way of locating the enemies. If you are alert towards the mini-map, you can sneak out before Viego even gets a chance to gank. Using vision will only be successful when you pay close attention to the mini-map. You can use as many visions as you like to be extremely sure.


Tracking Viego

Advancing two steps ahead and tracking Viego in his jungle is something that you can try against Viego. If you know his exact location, you will be able to come up with strategies against him. You will also be able to analyze his gameplay and can cease the trade.

After you have identified his position, you should go on the offensive front so that your opponent is taken aback. Virgo is very new to the mix, and therefore, his routes are not completely optimized yet. The only way to plot a strategy against him is by analyzing his current routes.

Once you analyze those routes well, you will be able to look for a pattern that can help you to deploy your champion accordingly. Learning the jungle roots is an essential requirement.


More Quick Fights

Viego is skilled in long term trades and thus likes to take things slowly. His character is also focused on swiftly killing the opponent to gain more and more experience points. The slow pace is often the reason why Viego likes to fight in team fights more.

The best move out of the lot is to engage him quickly. By doing so, you will reduce the chances of him transforming into other champions.


Viegos Passive

Viego’s passive ability is to take on the body of others and then become untargetable. His untargetable self is the ultimate defense because he can dodge all your attacks. You should always save your execution spells against Viego in his passive.


List Of Counters

There is an unparalleled list of counters that you can use against Viego to give him a hard time.



Rammus is an aggressive ganker and is far more advanced than Viego in that concern. Once he starts ganking, Viego's team will come into turmoil.

His teammates will be devoid of help, and their farm will take some serious blows. Rammus will give his teammates some advantage in terms of their farm, and thus, the overall effect will be quite decimating.


Poppys Gameplay

Poppy has a very collective approach in terms of facing Viego. Poppy, with her tankiness, will be a very tough opponent for Viego to gank. His teammates will be busy fighting the others in the lane, and thus Viego will have to shift to defense.

Poppy’s tankiness will provide more support to her teammates, which will result in an overall demolition of Viego’s farms. To defeat Poppy alone will need some very strong strategies from Viego’s end.


Evelyns Scheme

Evelyn is extremely fast when it comes to farming the jungle. This increased speed is a benefit that gets reaped from her sustainability tools.

Evelyn has more of a 360-degree coverage, which makes her a threat to everyone. She can gank from unimaginable angles, and that is why she implies a better support strategy for her teammates. Offensive Evelyn is a very major threat for Viego.


Ekkos Power

Ekko benefits from the versatility of his abilities. He is not that fast but has better fighting skills. Ekko can be mixed and matched with teams that have different power caps. He can hop in and out of fights, which can cause a problem for Viego.

Ekko, after a certain level, has a very sound defense mechanism put into place. If he is vigilant, he can ward off Viego's ganks and thus gain a better position.


Vis Resemblance

Although Vi and Viego do share an uncanny resemblance in their routines, Vi can be more destructive with her approach.

With her finesse in lockdown tools, she gains a better vantage point. Vi should always be matched with a good blend of champions to magnify her impact. The last thing to keep in mind is the progress of the team. The team should progress continuously to ensure overall momentum.



Gragas can heal himself, which gains him a lot of advantage. He clears the jungle quickly and therefore is a threat to the entire team of Viego.

His ganking is extremely strong, and therefore, he provides all the windows to his roommates to move ahead. Gragas can be a tough champion against Viego.


Final Words

Even though Viego seems fairly new to the game, you can learn a lot about him by choosing him as your character. You can learn everything about him by using this small tip. All these tips and champions will ease off the pressure you face against Viego! Go show Viego what you are made of!

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