When it comes to the meta of mid in League of Legends, it’s apparent enough to say that Twisted Fate, for the past few seasons, hasn’t exactly been the most contested or popular pick. That being said, given his kit, with his near-global ultimate, it’s undeniable that regardless of the particular strengths or weaknesses of certain classes in mid, TF is a consistent enough champion to climb within solo queue, as long as you perfect your skills in both piloting him and in his macro mechanics. As of patch 9.19, however, TF has luckily seen a little bit of love from Riot. Most notably, his E, Stacked Deck, has been buffed on both aspects of his passive. Essentially, this enables him to benefit more from incorporating auto-attacks into his combo. In this guide, we’ll be taking a closer look into how this buff, along with some smart itemization, allows TF to run primarily AD items.                   

Since we’re going to be looking to build AD items on TF, it’s hopefully no surprise to you that his runes are going to differ from his traditional AP optimization. Namely, given that we’re going to be auto-attack focused, Kleptomancy is an effective and popular option for keystones among hidden AD TF players. It’s recommended that we take Klepto, especially when laning into champions that we. Can easily punish for overstepping (think of melee matchups, such as Kass, Katarina, etc.). In terms of secondary trees, it’s strongly recommended that you go into Resolve for a couple of important reasons. Firstly: taking Bone Plating and Demolish allow you                    

With that out of the way, it’s time to talk a bit more about how AD TF will build and how he should play out his lanes. His core item, firstly, will be Trinity Force, and you’ll be looking to supplement this with attack speed items whilst maxing your E. This includes Rapid Fire Cannon, Guinsoos’ Rageblade, and Wit’s End. Whichever you build will really depend on your matchups and what benefits you the most in any given situation. For example, rushing Wit’s End second is primarily good for when your playing into AP heavy matchups or champs.

The key to succeeding in AD TF is being able to reach a substantial place in your build path before fights and skirmishes start happening, and in order to do that, you need to be extremely focused on building a great foundation for yourself in the early game. Early game deaths are the bane of your existence, and you should let everyone around you on your team understand that a safer playstyle will be better in getting you to a point where you can dominate later in the game. Twisted Fate’s passive is amazing for being able to slowly build a lead without risking anything since going even in CS actually means that you’re going to be up in gold. Once you have at least two items of your build complete (Triforce and Rapid Fire ideally), then you can look to start making picks and getting your team or yourself kills. Once you have Guinsoos, however, you really should be looking to utilize your insane amount of attack speed with your ultimate to exert pressure since you’ll be able to easily shove waves while still being able to join fights regardless of where you are on the map. Just always make sure to keep a close eye on the minimap so that you don’t miss out when your team, or the enemy, makes an engage.

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