League Of Legends – Everything You Need To Know


For anyone who is a hardcore gamer, League of Legends remains close to their hearts. However, it can be tricky for a novice if they have no prior knowledge about MOBA-style games. Therefore, a basic League of Legends guide will help you understand the gameplay.

This article will help you understand basic information for you to start indulging in the game. So, are you ready to witness the League of Legends universe?


What Is League Of Legends?

The question “what is league of legends” is an appropriate one to ask for anyone starting in the gaming world. Moreover, in simple terms, LoL is a MOBA-style game that features magic and strategic movement. You will have two teams and five attempts to destroy each other’s home base in the game.

Developed by Riot Games, League of Legends has become a global sensation due to its free-to-play aspect. Further, the genre of game that LoL belongs to utilizes multiplayer strategical warfare. Moreover, even if you are a beginner, the simple interface will not be hard for you to maneuver.

Therefore, you might not need a League of Legends guide after all. The game is PC-centric with exceptional graphics and mechanics. Further, LoL creators developed it to be accessible by anyone.

Even so, to perfect strategical gameplay might require hours of grind and weeks of practice. Additionally, the game attracts both pros and amateurs. Thus, the League of Legends server is full of passionate eSports and casual gamers worldwide.

There are different gaming modes in LoL. However, the most famous is Summoner’s Rift which is a five vs. five battle set. The League of Legends Championship has inspired a lot of eSports athletes.

Since the game changed the face of eSports forever, every LoL player has come together to carry forward the mantle. Twitch League of Legends has become huge with millions of viewers and thousands of streamers. Moreover, if you are intrigued by the game, it is time for you to download League of Legends.

To understand the real essence of the game, keep reading!


How To Play League of Legends?

There are four maps in LoL, from which Summoner’s Rift is the most famous. Moreover, every League of Legends patch note is bringing new updates and features to the game. No matter which map you play on, your strategy will remain the same.

The gameplay does not change, irrespective of the map. In this part, you will get to know about all the basics of Summoner’s Rift. Moreover, this map is where all the real action takes place!

Before you start the game, you will need to choose a League of Legends champion. You can visit League of Legends Counter to understand which champion to pick!

Once you are done choosing, the matchmaking can begin! The game will have a five vs. five strategy and the software divides them into blue or red.

There are three lanes – Top, Mid, and Bottom. Additionally, you will have your team base. The area on the map that does not have that is known as the Jungle. Moreover, in the professional scenario, some players assign themselves to the role of a Jungler.

They have to eradicate neutral monsters to collect XP and gold. Moreover, every League of Legends champion has different abilities that you can strengthen with the help of gold. It will help you assist your team better, as you will inflict more damage.

On the other hand, XP will help you level up. Moreover, as you level up, you can call an army of minions to destroy your enemies. Your main objective in the game is to destroy the enemy’s base and protect yours.

There is a structure called Nexus in each of the team’s bases. If you can destroy that, your team will win the match. However, to do so, you have first to destroy the Inhibitors and the Turrets.

These Turrets are an integral part of the game. It will keep causing damage to the enemies. Therefore, allowing either of the teams to take over the battlefield. There is an NPC army that you can summon to help you topple the Turrets.

The Nexus remains undamageable if either of those is still standing. Riot wanted to design this game to be intriguing and engaging for the players. Therefore, they introduced a whole lot of mechanisms.


League Of Legends Tier List

The tier list League of Legends has become confusing over the patch updates. Moreover, the latest 11.12 patch update changed some League of Legends builds and counters.

There is about 219 League of Legends Champions in existence. Unfortunately, you will not receive detailed information on their role, tier, counter picks, and combat rating in this article.

According to MOBAlytics, here is the latest League of Legends tier role information:


Top Role

·         Wukong

·         Nasus

·         Garen

·         Mordekaiser

·         Sett

·         Shen

·         Urgot

·         Fiora

·         Ornn

·         Kled

·         Camille

·         Riven


Jungle Role

·         Warwick

·         Zac

·         Amumu

·         Diana

·         Volibear

·         Nocturne

·         Xin Zhao

·         Master Yi

·         Fiddlesticks

·         Shaco


Mid-Lane Role

·         Lux

·         Annie

·         Malzahar

·         Ahri

·         Yone

·         Xerath

·         Rumble

·         Yasuo

·         Katarina


ADC Role

·         Ashe

·         Sivir

·         Ziggs

·         Miss Fortune

·         Kog’Maw

·         Jhin

·         Vayne

·         Swain


Support Role

·         Brand

·         Janna

·         Zyra

·         Soraka

·         Nami

·         Sona

·         Leona

·         Lulu

·         Zilean

Each of these League of Legends champions has different sets of skills, powers, and base statistics. Therefore, you can choose from Controller, Mage, Slayer, Fighter, Marksman, and Tank! Once you practice and understand your preferred gameplay, choose them as you will.

If you want to succeed as a player with your strategy, you need to choose the lane role you want. Moreover, helping you get the champion that is a perfect match for you.



You will not become a pro only by opening a League of Legends account. You have to grind and play extensively to achieve your eSports dream. Therefore, this League of Legends guide will help you start as a beginner.

From there, you can climb your way to the top by enhancing your strategies and changing up your League of Legends champions selection. Moreover, there is ample scope in this industry! So, are you ready to download League of Legends for free? 

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