Is Tilt Preventing You from Climbing in League of Legends (LoL)?

As a League of Legends player you will probably be very familiar with the term tilt, the arch enemy of competitive gaming, and have subsequently suffered the consequences of loosing your cool in a game of Summoners Rift at least one or twice. Here at www.lol-eloboosting.com we are going to share with you some of our top tips to deal with tilt and get you back on track to your desired Elo.

Tilt is a term that originated from Pinball and Poker and is used to describe a state of mental or emotional confusion or frustration in which a player adopts a less than optimal strategy, usually resulting in the player becoming over-aggressive.

The main reason for a player to tilt in League of Legends is when they believe that something out of their control is negatively impacting their games. This is most commonly attributed to their teammate’s behaviour (trolling/inting). Examples of this include:

- The Jungler going 0/22/0 in ten minutes

- Garen building a Tear of the Goddess

- Locking in Draven Mid

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So how can you deal with tilt?

The first and often most enlightening method tackling tilt is recognising when you are beginning to react overly emotionally to the outcome of a game. Admitting to yourself that a decision you made may not have been rational is a good starting point to bring some of that cool calculation back into your League of Legends experience.

Try to avoid getting drawn into arguments in chat. One player’s opinion is not necessarily always the right thing to do but this doesn’t mean that you should spend the remainder of the game belittling them for a mistake or dwelling on what could have been done differently. This could only trigger an emotional response from them and subsequently make them tilt too! Instead, try and focus on how you can personally bring more to the team at the next major point of action.

Although League of Legends is a team game and communication is paramount in executing your plan to victory, there are some instances in which it is simply best to "/mute all". If your teammates are intentionally trying to enrage each other and the topic of conversation is not constructive then muting them and focusing on your own game is often the best course of action. This will help to prevent yourself from being drawn into petty squabbles and loosing sight of the main objective – to destroy the enemy Nexus!

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