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Vel'Koz Confirmed

Vel'Koz Confirmed! Several confirmations of Vel'Koz's existence were spread out today. The best compilation of video teasers was posted on reddit by user koenmvo. @ 0:36  @ 2:06  @1:28  @ 2:05  @ 0:13 thanks to appieftw  @ 1:35 thanks to HairBears  @ 0:18 thanks to AngelLink  @ 0:09 thanks to Dinhox @ 3:01 thanks to Akiwasha There has even been a champion page for Vel'Koz for a short amount of time that has been taken down. However, a member of the official forums - MÄ™w - was able to take a screenshot of it: Now there are also Rioters talking on the topic! Originally Posted by Riot (View RedTracker Source) Will wait to see how he plays. Im not much of a mid laner so i dont know if ill like him. But i want to get him just to show support for more monster champions. Couple folks here ...


Tryndamere, Diana, and Riven

Lunar Goddess DianaProphecy tells of the lotus cycle, where the flower endures humble beginnings in mud and one day blooms in perfect beauty.Facing fierce persecution at every turn, a woman toiled among the laborers, the weak and the broken. In the shell of an ancient lunar temple, she uncovered a crescent blade slung across golden armor inscribed with blown lotus petals. A soft voice sang when she grasped the hilt of the weapon, lilting with honest knowledge. She was struck by a vision of a warrior goddess wearing the gilded regalia. Stirred by the truth in the moon's hymn, she lifted the sword.Dragonblade RivenOne tale tells of a woman, her sword forged in dragon's fire, descending into an enemy enclave in the aftermath of a bloody battle. She leaped and slashed through hordes of foes, slaying captors and freeing their captives. Refusing to bow to ...


League of Legends Has 27 Million Daily Players

In October 2012, Riot Games revealed that League of Legends had 1 million daily active players, meaning at least 12 million people a day logged in and played the game. With 70 million accounts, it was easily one of the most popular games in the world. Today, Riot Games announced that it has more than doubled the 12 million figure, revealing it has reached 27 million daily active users, the Wall Street Journalreports.Riot also said that it broke its record of peak concurrent players, up to 7.5 million from the 5 million it reported last March. In terms of monthly active users, it went up to 70 million from the 32 million it reported in 2012.If that didn't drop your jaw consider that a recent report from SuperData estimates that LoL, a free-to-play game, brought in $624 million in 2013.Though LoL is only heading into its fourth season, last week, ...


The new anti-sex law may be bugging your patcher! [UK]

If your patcher logs show many lines like this: RADS::Common::HTTPConnection::GetFile: File not found And that happens with files with a name similar to this: VarusExpirationTimer.luaobj XerathMageChainsExtended.luaobj The cause is that your provider is blocking any URLs that contain any pornographic content. Apparently that includes cases like this. An other cause are Router protection settings, which may also block the word sex. If you are experiencing this problem, you can try to get the whole LoL folder zipped from a friend every time you patch, or just call your ISP to lift the blockade. Also: Potato. Edit: This should only happen to people who switch or signup with new ISPs after a certain date (I'm assuming 1st Jan). The filter won't be on by default to any existing customers, at least it won't on BT, so most people will be unaffected. If the filter is on, all it takes is a ...

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