How to Jungle Rengar Part 2

Jungle Path: Krugs-Red-Razorbeaks-Wolves-Back and Buy-Blue-Gromp-Gank The above route will get you 4, as well as get you items before ganking. When playing jungle Rengar you are going to want to start Krugs! Because the buff gained off smiting these little guys is very useful. When smiting Krugs you gain a buff called “Gift of Heavy Hands” which stuns a minion after every 5 auto attacks. This buff is great for avoiding damage! Red:When doing a red buff or when you are near a red buff. Remember if smited you gain a lot of health. This has saved me countless times from dying when being invaded on. It has also been the deciding factor in a lot of near death experiences. If you are ignited and are about to die, SMITE THAT RED BUFF. If karthus ultimate is being channeled. YOU BETTER Smite that RED buff! Here’s an example of what ...


How to Jungle Rengar Part 1

Runes: Standard Armor Page: 3(6.75AD)Attack Damage Quintessence, 8(7.25AD) Flat Attack Damage Reds,1(.93%)Critical Chance Red, 9(9 Armor) Flat Armor Yellows and 9 (7.5%)CDR Blues. Standard runes should be used versus 1 ability power based solo lane champion, this also includes the jungle. The reason for this is because with the standard rune page you are not running any magic resist. Which mean magic damage will hurt A LOT! So if the enemy team has, two or more ability power based champions you are going to want to switch to your page that has flat magic resistance blues. Be sure to have a second rune page for Rengar versus magic damage. Your page will want to be as followed, Magic Resistance Page: 3(6.75AD) Attack Damage Quints, 8(7.25AD) Flat Attack Damage Reds, 1(.93%) Critical Chance Red, 9(9 Armor) Flat Armor Yellows and 9(12 Magic Resistance) Flat Magic Resistance Blues.The idea behind the flat ...


3 Major mistakes that Solo-Queue players make in lower tiers in League of Legends

Solo-Queue is an unique experience to every League of Legends player, and there are many things that can happen in the game. We will have good and bad games, but most of the time we will remember the bad games. Players try to copy LCS strategies and tactics Even though at a first look, you might think it’s the same game , you couldn’t be more wrong. Playing Solo-queue is very different than playing the game as a team at a high level; There are many differences between the two of them which we will elaborate in the next lines: • The number of kills in a team game is way lower than in a solo-queue game. That means that in a team game you can afford to play champions that scale later in the game, while in a solo-queue game, assassin champions that would otherwise not be picked in ...


Skillshot Juking

Skillshot juking is when you move in such a way as to bewilder your enemy, trying to make them cast a spell which is easy to dodge. For example, you run in a straight line, making Blitzcrank believe that he can hit you with a rocket grab, but momentarily change direction as soon as the rocket grab animation comes into motion. Imagine that a blue team player is running away from an opponent who has a skillshot ability. The blue player team is running in a straight line on purpose, and everything looks as if he’s going to continue running in this manner. However, as soon as the shot is fired, the blue player steps aside, completely avoiding the attack. That’s just one example, but in order to see the whole picture there are two more methods of dodging skillshots which I would like to tell you about. If you ...


How to increase your win percentage in league of legends as support

The role of support in League of Legends as important and necessary as any other role, but to carry as support it's pretty hard. Here are some small tips that will increase your winning chance in lol while playing support. Lets start with the champion select, you should always pick your support based on your team composition, unless you are first pick, in that case you will aim for the most powerful support champion during that patch. Select ignite or exhaust depending on the enemy composition. Play with ignite when the other team doesn't have champions like tryndamere, fiora and other fighters and always pick ignite against healing champions like mundo, soraka, swain, fiddlesticks, volibear and so on. Exhaust is necessary in all the other cases and has priority when the enemy jungler is mainly attack damage like jarvan, kha zix, rengar etc. Always pick supports in the current meta ...

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